Hello hello and here we are for another What I Ate Wednesday thanks to Jenn 🙂 This is a look at what I ate on Tuesday… so let’s just pretend that all of this actually happened today.

My day started off with an awesome early morning workout after I voted! I started off with thirty minutes of cardio intervals and then completed a short but sweet arm workout and then headed home to this for breakfast:

My breakfast, which was eaten around 8:15, included egg beaters with low fat shredded mozzarella cheese along with two mini oatmeal chia seed muffins. I topped my muffins with a little low fat cream cheese and sugar free jelly 🙂

This meal kept me super full and I didn’t eat lunch until 1:30 (and shockingly had no snacks between breakfast or lunch–weird, I know). Lunch included about six ounces of baked chicken along with vegetables and a bag of 100 calorie pop chips.

Around 5:00 I had a handful of un-pictured grapes. After work I had an errand to run and was starving once I got home. Against my judgement, I had a handful of crackers but didn’t want to keep snacking so I ordered sushi:

I ordered a miso soup, sashimi, a roll with brown rice, and two pieces of brown rice sushi but the restaurant I ordered from was kind enough to include a free California roll! Score! I wound up saving half of my California roll and two pieces of my tuna roll along with one piece of sushi which I will eat tomorrow.

I’d say this was a pretty good day of food 🙂 Tryna’ keep it as healthy as possible before Thanksgiving! I know those will be a few days with tons of treats. Can’t wait!

Have a good day everyone 🙂


Sunday Nights

Sunday nights for me, like most people, are bitter-sweet. There’s a ton of TV and relaxing to do after the weekend comes to a close, but there’s also the anticipation of the week ahead. And whose kidding – Monday’s aren’t particularly fantastic for anyone. I’ve kind of made it a point to make my Sunday evenings filled with preparing food for the following few days, sipping on a little red wine, and enjoying some Real Housewives of Whatever. It’s incredibly relaxing and makes the following few days — food wise — very easy.

So here’s a look at what my Sunday evening’s consist of:

A salmon filet marinated in ginger dressing I had saved from my sushi a few days earlier. Makes for the perfect end-of-the-weekend dinner.

Baking chicken for the week.

Veggies with some olive oil and sea salt.

Chocolate Chip Chia Seed Muffins adapted from Green Lite Bites.

Now I’m set for the next couple of days for breakfast and lunch! It rocks, quite honestly 🙂

Question of the Night: Do you have a Sunday evening ritual? Anything that helps you to prepare for the week ahead?


A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to receive the new VitaPizza’s from the generous people at VitaLicious. These pizza’s could not have come at a better time, with Sandy causing an upheaval in food purchasing and basically leaving shelves empty. I was able to try both the Meatless Pepperoni Supreme and Cheese & Tomato.

I was so happy to be able to try these new pizza’s – who doesn’t want to taste-test PIZZA? Now don’t get me wrong, obviously these aren’t the kind of slices you pick up at your local Italian restaurant, but sometimes that’s a good thing. We don’t always need to be eating tons of cheese and thick-cut crust that makes us feel lazy right after we consume it. I’m always up for some pizza here and there – in fact I had a slice (and a half) myself the other weekend – but I’m glad to have this as an alternative.

First up was the Meatless Pepperoni Supreme. I’ve always been a fan of pepperoni, so I decided to give this one the first try.

What I loved was the ‘meatless’ pepperoni – it was full of flavor but not too overwhelming. The only thing I felt this pizza was lacking was cheese. I wish there had been a little more cheeese! Then it would have been perfect.

Next up was the Cheese and Tomato:

This one was my favorite out of the two. There was the perfect ratio of cheese and tomato sauce which I really enjoyed.

Overall, I think these are a great alternative for when that pizza craving hits. They make a great meal when accompanied by a side salad or a small soup 🙂

Question of the Day: What is your favorite topping to have on your pizza? Or do you prefer plain cheese? Thin or thick crust? I love mushrooms and onions on my pizza and I think I enjoy thick crust more but there’s definitely something delicious about thin crust!

What I Learned

Happy Friday, everyone! I’ve had a lot of time to think and think and think throughout the past couple days due to Sandy practically paralyzing NYC. It has been pretty much impossible for my co-workers and I to work since both our phones and Internet have been down all week so we were given permission to work from home. Aside from that, I’ve been going to the gym a lot and learning things about myself and about life in general.

1) It took me at least a day to be okay with being lazy. I’m the type of person who jumps up from the couch in-between TV commercials to do random shit around the apartment.
2) I’m a SCARDY CAT. Any random noise or gust of wind scares the crap out of me. Don’t be mistaken by my tougness–it’s alllllll a facade, people.
3) Since I’m basically around people all the time — mainly my friends — it felt absurd to be by myself for such an extended period of time. I found myself legitimately looking around the apartment thinking one of my friends would pop out of a corner. But then again, that probably would have scared me too. WTF.
4) I realized that without the gym, I would have felt kind of lost. Which is ridiculous. I should get used to more at-home workouts at some point in my life. Now would be nice.
5) Being lazy makes you tired… being tired makes you lazy.
6) Andy Cohen is and always will be the shit.
7) Mindless eating isn’t worth it when you’re bored.

Most importantly, I realized how lucky I am after watching the news for hours upon hours of how badly people were affected by Sandy. People are without power, hot water, and food. Furthermore, people lost everything they have. Let’s please keep all of those who have been less fortunate than us in our thoughts and prayers.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


As most of you already know by now, most of the NYC area has been terribly impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Downtown is absolutely devastated and our subway system won’t be working for quite some time. I am proud to say that I live in a city that is so resilient and strong, but I think we were all shaken up by the power that Sandy had . On my way to work today, I was able to get a shot of the crane that has been dangling off the top of a building on 57th street.

My porch also looked like this when I woke up on Tuesday:

But quite honestly, I was one of the lucky ones. If a porch is all I have to worry about, it’s not so bad.

This post is short and sweet — hope you all have an amazing night and a Happy Halloween!

Question of the Night: To all my East Coast peeps – were you affected by Sandy?

Snooki and Lorenzo

Hi there everyone! As most of you know, I live in New York City and the company I work for gave us off for the day since we are expecting Hurricane Sandy to pummel through with tons of rain and dangerous winds. The subway system and buses have been suspended until futher notice. I was actually able to get in a workout this morning at Equinox before the weather gets really bad and now I’m just hanging around the apartment and fixing up some odds and ends. I hope that all of you on the East coast stay nice and safe inside your homes and have plenty of water/food to get you through the next few days.

Onto happier subjects, this past weekend I celebrated Halloween with a bunch of my friends. We had an absolute blast and it was so much fun to see everyone’s outfits. I’ve always really enjoyed Halloween and everything that comes with it; candy, dressing up, getting together with friends, and being silly! It’s such a fun little holiday. This year, I decided to dress up as Snooki with baby Lorenzo. My friend Eva was J-woww.The whole outfit in total cost me about $35 so I was happy with that. Not sure about you, but I don’t like spending money on things I’ll use only once!

Here’s a few pictures to give you and idea of the night:

Snooki, Lorenzo, Beyonce (single ladies video), J-Woww

The night went by so quickly but I was glad to spend it with all of my friends. Have a great rest of the day and again for those of you on the East coast – stay safe!

Question of the Day: Are you being anything for Halloween? What are you thinking of dressing up as?

On Loving Cities More Than People

The other day, my good friend Lara shared this beautiful blog entry with me. If you would like to check out the blog, click here. The entry was posted by Carrie Laski. Lara and I are both city girls — we love what New York City has to offer. The rushed pace – intimate coffee shops – tons of bars/restaurants – the autumn weather – the peace of Central Park. There is so much to learn about this irreplaceable city. I think you’ll love the words below; I certainly do — it’s a little long, but worth it.

“It wasn’t you, it was the trains we rode on. It was standing under the yellow glare of the lights and watching the cross section of humanity travel with us across town. We were pushed up against each other — you in your pea coat, me in mine — sharing a pair of headphones as the train rumbled through the underground. We may not have said a word or we may have spoken novels into each other’s ears. I can’t remember. We finally exited and climbed up the grimy stairs into the cold, starless night surrounded by traffic and people and lights. And I was in love.

But it wasn’t with you, it was with the back porches we stood on while talking about science in a language no one else understood. The spring had burst in: raw, gray, and relentless, and just before dawn we crossed wet streets in search of a refuge from the rain. Were you holding my hand? I can’t remember. I do remember that the rain never stopped, so we sat under ancient crown moldings while the thunderstorm crashed in and pelted the city with a fury not seen in decades. I watched the sheets of rain, and I was in love.

But it wasn’t with you. It was with the sidewalks we tread in summer that lead to a crumbling apartment building. It was the rooftop we smoked on while we watched the lake turn purple and empty of people. Before we went inside did you kiss me to fill up the silence? I can’t remember. I do remember it wasn’t how you laughed and put on records, but how the room looked around you: the furniture clashed, the posters peeled at the corners, and the lights wouldn’t turn up past a dusky glow. I stood in that room, and I was in love.

As you might be able to guess by now, it wasn’t with you. You weren’t solid like the high-rises or reflective like the shop windows I passed on my way to work. You didn’t let me sit for hours like my favorite cafes did, and you didn’t take me across town like the trains did. Your seasons never changed, and your skies stayed the same, unlike the city’s. I walked with you under those skies — day skies, night skies, skies with colors I never knew existed, and skies with no color at all, and I was in love.

But it wasn’t with the shirt you wore, the joke you told, or the way you put your forehead on mine as we danced. It was waiting in line outside the unnamed bar with strangers all around us. It was leaning against a sticky countertop and ordering too many whiskey-and-cokes until we were jumping up and down to 90s hip-hop songs. We would get bored, change bars, order more drinks, and repeat before finally tumbling into a cab where the remainder of an urban nightscape passed gleamingly out the window. We would fall against each other in bed while the sirens and the sounds of the neighbor’s party lulled us to sleep in the infant hours.

When I woke up next to you with the sun tearing through the blinds I was already alone. My city was outside waiting for me to put my feet on its pavement and run my hands along its concrete walls so I had to leave and be with the one I love.”

City Love: