Hello, World!

Well it feels like it has taken quite some time to get this thing going! And I’m happy to say it’s finally here — welcome to Steph Snacks, a blog all about
food, fitness, along with maintaining a balance of fun and health. I’m so excited for this new part of my life and for all of the encouragement my friends
and family have given to me to start this baby up! I figured what better way to start a blog than by talking about my….. FIRST HALF MARATHON??!!

To give you a little background, from my elementary through my high school years, I was, how do you say…. un-athletic. I had no hand-eye
coordination, dreaded ‘the mile’, and worked at a cosmetic counter at the mall rather than joining the soccer team. Later on, I started running and
somehow it stuck with me ever since 🙂

Last Friday night, I met up with my friend Eva after work and we headed down to the shore… Eva’s family friend let us stay at her beach house which was such a treat!

Eva in the Kitchen

Eva in 'our' kitchen! Don't mind the clothes 😛

Living Room

'Our' Living Room

The best part was the view that I got to wake up to…

My View

Ahh, the Good Life

I started to think that I wasn’t running a half marathon at all… denial, much?

On Saturday, Eva took me to a restaurant called The Turning Point. It was DELICIOUS. Anyhow, Eva and I ordered a breakfast fit for a queen Kate Middleton 😛 We started with a pot of french-pressed coffee. Eva raved about this so I trusted it to be good–and good it was.

Eva French-Pressing Away!

For a breakfast appetizer (do these things really exist?) we split the Fresh Fruit Bruschetta…


There are no words. Moving on…

I decided to go with a glass of the fresh-squeezed OJ and the Pesto Infusion Skillet: Egg whites lightly infused with basil pesto, filled with tomato’s, avocado, diced onion, and oven roasted portabellos. Served with multi-grain toast and fresh fruit. Eva went with the Crabcake Benedict (my picture isn’t too hot of her choice) but here is mine:


We decided to spend the rest of the day relaxing and eventually rolled around to getting dinner (Which went un-documented! Sorry!). On Sunday, we woke up bright and early–aka 5:40 AM–to get to the race. Holy people, batman! There were so many participants in both the half and full marathons… it honestly made me feel good to know how much money was going to charity. It also got me really pumped up!

Finally, at 8:30 AM, we started the half marathon. I can’t lie, doing the race was one of the most challenging/scary/intimidating things I have ever done. I talked to myself for miles, encouraging myself to take one more step each way. I guess it worked because I finished! Not only did I finish, but my time was 2 hours and 6 minutes! A consistent 9:39 mile… I’ll take it!

Half Marathon? No biggie!

Of course, celebrating ensued afterwards…

A lil Bloody Mary for Eva...

...And a little mimosa for me

For me, this was the best way ever to start a blog. I could never have imagined running a half marathon. It’s times like these when I am reminded to have faith in myself and to know that I am capable of doing whatever it is I choose. Welcome to Steph Snacks… I hope this post was a glimpse into what you’ll be reading. I also have a twitter @StephSnacks – follow! It’ll be fun, I promise 🙂

9 responses to “Hello, World!

  1. I love your blog! keep it up girlie!

  2. Love it! You and me have always related with this and I will definitly be keeping up, however if you tell me how I can have a 100 calorie burger, ill be really impressed ; ) lol

  3. Enjoy the new journey with the blog! It’ll be a great experience and I’m excited to read along! 🙂

  4. Thank you, Bess! I will of course to continue to follow BessBeFit!

  5. Stephanie!!! I LOVE IT!!! This is great!! I feel like I am spending everyday with you again 🙂 I miss not having you in my life everyday!! 😀 Congrats on the half marathon! I am so proud of you!!

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