Oh, Memories!

Hi all! How was everyone’s day? This week in particular has been a really busy one at work – but it definitely makes the week fly by – hello weekend! In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that I would be returning to the gym today after a two day hiatus. I did indeed return, and it felt great! In order to get a workout in, I have to wake up suppperrrr early to do so–but I always find it worth it. My workout this morning consisted of 30 minutes on the treadmil, 10 minutes on the elliptical, and three new ab moves I found in the May issue of Womens Health Magazine (love that one!). A short and sweet workout, but it does the trick 😉

Once I got to work, I was super excited to dive into my breakfast (it was inspired by Mary at Bites and Bliss):

Lookin' Good..

This bad boy consisted of the following:
-1/3 cup 0% greek yogurt (I used Fage)
-1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese with pineapple
-1 tbsp chia seeds
-1/4 cup Cascadian Farms Cinnamon Crunch cereal
-1/2 chopped banana
-a handful of blackberries
-2 tbsp sugar free syrup

Directions: Mix all in a bowl and place in fridge overnight so all of the flavors can mix together. I really think the major players in this breakfast bowl are the syrup and the cinnamon crunch cereal — both of these guys help make the flavors extra sweet and tasty.

Oh, and this always helps…

After workin’ my booty off through the morning, lunch rolled around… it wasn’t particularly special–>dislike

I don't wanna talk about it.

Tonight I met up with my friend Lauren for dinner. We ate at Pazza Notte on 6th avenue (for my NYC friends out there). We haven’t seen eachother in a while, so it was great to catch up. Lauren is graduating from college in a few short weeks and has a fantastic job lined up–YOU GO GIRL! Onto the food! We split this bread basket which came with a delicious olive oil and some sort of sundried tomato butter. While I didn’t try the butter, I can attest that the olive oil was divine.

Love me some carbs

While Lauren ordered the Lobster Bisque and a Ceasar Salad…

Lauren ❤ Lobster Bisque

…I decided to go with the Lobster and Shrimp salad

This salad was a combo of fresh diced lobster, shrimp, onion, tomato, and capers. Lauren loved her dishes, and I felt my salad was really good as well, however, they were quite cheap with the lobster and shrimp. Generally speaking, I am not a fan of capers but in this salad for some reason, they made all the difference!

The best part?? Seeing a good friend from college. Lauren and I were talking about all of the fun things we used to do just one year ago (I graduated last May). One of our most favorite activities was taking a power walk along the Hudson River. During out walks we would talk about our classes, internships, boys, and fun nights out! It made me really miss the time we had together while in school and brought back tons of memories.

How do you keep in touch with the good friends you’ve met over the years?


2 responses to “Oh, Memories!

  1. I’m pretty busy myself but I always feel so proud of myself when I manage to sneak in a workout. I’ve seen far too many people use being busy as their excuse for being unhealthy. Also, that lobster salad looks AMAZING!

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