Okay before I write anything at all I want to write THANK YOU. To everyone who has been reading my blog and following it throughout the week, your support and interest in StephSnacks was totally unbelievable and not matter how many times I thank you, it will never been enough. I hope that I can always bring something fun and healthy to the table for you and please, please send any questions/comments/suggestions my way at Don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter; @StephSnacks.

Now onto the Friday! Friday can never be bad because…. it’s Friday. Today was my first day of more ‘regimented’ eating, and it felt awesome! I feel more in control and am still able to eat all of the foods that I generally do, except without the picking here and there. All of that picking starts to really add up in the end–especially when you’re a wee five feet tall. Will I eventually let myself pick again? Ehhh… you betcha. I just want to look good for that wedding in June!

I had a fantastic workout this morning which included 40 minutes of cardio and 15 minutes of abs for a total of 55 minutes at the gym. Loved it! I ran home and got ready for work and decided on this outfit:

Mopsey has devil eyes, yikes.

Let me back up about these little pants I have goin’ on here. I bought these babies at Forever21, for what I believe was $16.80? I think they’re the most comfortable and cute pants ever–perfect for Spring and Summer. I have gotten quite the tidbit of ‘what the f ‘ ‘why would you wear those pants?’ looks. Now, you can tell me the truth – do you like these?? Or are you thinking what is SHE thinking?? Be honest!

Before I left for work, I decided to scramble three egg whites with a couple pieces of smoked salmon. Along with my eggs, I prepared a cup of fresh arugula with some sliced strawberries on top.

Making mornings even better.

Lunch consisted of a delicious turkey wrap! Inside this bad boy was about 2.5 oz of turkey, two slices of fat free American cheese, arugula, and honey mustard all on a Joseph’s Lavash Wrap.


Now I’m off to park my booty on the couch – my sister is coming home this weekend for mother’s day and I am tired! I’ll be back tomorrow with a healthy hamburger recipe.. perfect timing for Summer! Goodnight and thank you thank you thank you again!


8 responses to “TGIF

  1. TGIF! Honestly Steph I wish you’d construct a diet for me so I don’t have to follow this Apex crap anymore. You seem to have a grip on what to eat and what you want to eat. That’s what I need. Im patiently awaiting the healthy hamburger recipe cause I definitely grill two to three times a week during the summer. And summer’s just around the corner. Probably will be using that recipe everytime I do. Haha

  2. your arugula salad looks seriously amazing. love that you’re posting your meals…gives me new meal ideas that i can make myself. btw your pants crack me up…comfort before beauty? haha

    • I’m so happy you’re getting new meal ideas 🙂 that’s why I love food/lifestyle blogs so much… they really help to give me reason to eat healthy when there are so many options out there! PS–so the pants are a no? darn!

  3. I second the motion–shoot first, eat later.

  4. Work those pants! I’ve gotten a few of those “WTF looks ” this season too…obviously those people just don’t know anything about fashion/life in general.

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