An Outdoor Mother’s Day

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday and hope all mother’s are enjoying their day 🙂
A few Mother’s Day pics!

A Mother's Day Brunch complete w/ Mimosas!

Happy Mothers Day, Mom!


5 responses to “An Outdoor Mother’s Day

  1. Hi Steph, it’s Danielle! 🙂 Love your blog! You’re making me want to go back and update mine even though I haven’t in so long, haha. Cute pics from mother’s day! That’s super exciting you’re going to be in a wedding in June! Def good motivation!

    • I know! It really jump-started my wanting to really control my eating a bit more. I wasn’t ‘out of control’, but I was certainly picking too much!

  2. Give away the vitamuffins! Never had em! Those things are hard to find! (I know you can buy them online, but I’ve been looking in my supermarkets first.)

  3. Im thinkin the vitamuffins.. sounds bangin.

  4. your mama is amazing and also an amazing cook. thats where you get your skills from;) glad you guys had a great mothers day.

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