Make New Friends, But Keep The Old

Tonight I am going to an ALUMNI cocktail party that my former college, The Fashion Institute of Tecnology, is holding for all Cosmetic and Fragrance Marketing graduates. The board sends invites to all alumni (I’m an ALUMNI!? I just graduated one year ago.. literally.. as of next week!). So weird. I am pumped pumped pumped to see my college girlfriends.. we all got along crazy well and have kept in touch ever since. You can see us decked out in our caps and gowns here.

Tomorrow I’ll have some pictures to show 🙂
I hope you all have a great evening, whether it’s meeting up with friends or watching the Real Housewives of NY… hey, I gotta represent where I can 😉

Question of the Night: Do you keep in touch with college friends or friends from elementary/middle/high school? How often do you speak/see each other?


4 responses to “Make New Friends, But Keep The Old

  1. It’d be so strange to be considered an alumni!! But it’ll come in another year or so I guess. I still keep in touch with many of my high school friends. I went to two high schools, one of them in TN where I grew up so those friends will always hold a special place in my heart even if I don’t see them but once a year. But when we do see each other, it’s as if you just saw each other the day before, you know? 🙂 Hope you had fun!!

    • I completely understand what you mean about feeling as if no time has passed when you see a good friend! That’s how you know you have a great relationship. I had a wonderful time at the cocktail party, I’m about to post pictures!

  2. I have like 3 to 5 friends from high school that i talk with. I have 2 friends from kindergarten 🙂 we all know who those two are…haha. Well middle school I’m not close to anymore and they aren’t as wonderful as they used to be. Lucky you being an alumni. I’ll be one by next may thank the lord. It’s time to graduate already!

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