Hi All! We got through Monday.. dare I shout a holla!? 😛 Today’s post includes a lil fashion and the delish dinner I had last night when I ate out with the parental unit! Ready? Lezzz go!

I started the morning with a nice forty minutes on the treadmill while reading the latest issue of Glamour Magazine. Afterwards, I completed a few different sets of abs before heading out the door. I have definitely begun to concentrate on my core more, as a result of the Summer days that are… supposed to be coming? Why oh why has it been rainy, chilly, and cloudy the past few days–in NY at least. Come on weather, shape up!! Okay, thanks for listening to my five seconds of weather disgust.

I headed home, showered, and changed into this awesome dress which I paired with nude heels–might I add that NO ONE can go wrong with a pair of nude heels.. they elongate the leg so well, especially when you are only five feet tall, like me 😉 !

You'll NEVER guess where I got this dress.

Whoever can guess where I got this dress from… hmm.. maybe I’ll bake something and send it your way? Guesses start… now! Oh, and sorry that my hair is still wet.. eeks!

I really want to re-cap my dinner from last night, as I loved loved loved the restaurant we went to. My parents came back from a long weekend and wanted a low-key dinner, and they knew just the spot! We went to Greek City in Ramsey, NJ. As soon as I walked in I knew I was going to love it. The decor was really modern yet had a sustainable esthetic (bamboo walls, pebbles surrounding the sink). Then we got to the best part–the food! The menu was perfect (for me at least), it had everything from seared tuna, to scallops, to tons of dips including hummus and an eggplant marinade.

The waitress came out with our complimentary bread and olives (I am kind of obsessed with olives).

This alone was great.

For the table, we ordered a dish that included four different spreads which came with warmed pita triangles:

I can live off of this

The four spreads included tzatziki sauce, hummus, a lemon/garlic type thing, and the eggplant marinade. TO. DIE. FOR. I couldn’t stop myself from eating these!

I ordered a grilled calamari salad which came with onions, tomato’s, and a special Greek cheese ( which I used as leftovers for lunch 🙂 )

My mom also went with a salad, except hers had grilled chicken and a different, feta-like cheese

Ain't my mama pretty?!

I had such a nice experience at Greek City, and will definitely be going back. Before I sign off, I leave you with this:

Sweet little Mopsey

I’m sorry Mopsey’s eyes come out blue, but he has really bad cataracts 😦 Doesn’t take away from the cuteness though!

Question(s) of the night: Can you guess where I got my dress? Whoever guesses gets some sort of baked good shipped right to them! Do you find yourself concentrating more on your abs now that Summer is approaching? And finally, if you could pick any cuisine to eat out, which would it be? Mine MAY be Mexican, although I hardly EVER have Mexican food.


11 responses to “Mish-Mosh

  1. I’m thinking…I’m thinking…Marshalls? Hmm..wild guess. You always find the greatest buys though, for reals!
    I thought of you as I ate my lunch today. Can I tell you what I had?? Okay..I made a salad (or..someone at “Green Symphony” made my salad.) It had lettuce (obv) cucumbers, carrots, sweet potato and celery. The celery was because of you. In a previous post you said the celery gave your salad the perfect crunch. You are my salad muse. Oh, and the dressing was apple cider tahini tamari (exotic!)

    • Not Marshall’s, nice try though! The salad sounds AWESOME–especially the sweet potato! And wait, the apple cider dressing!? I gotta get my hands on that..

  2. not sure where you got the dress…. but i do know where you got those heels!!! ❤ them, they look amazing!

    • They actually weren’t the Loubies!! I have my ‘going out’ pair that I wear around.. can you believe I have only wore the Loubies ONCE?! I am seriously afraid 😛

  3. Can I guess where you got my dress? HMMM… H&M?? Let me know bc i LOVE it!! and your loub’s are looking fabulous! But now that summer is aproaching i definitely focus on my abs and my other problem area..thighs! Ugh, no matter what i do they do not get any smaller..any suggestions?! And the reason why i have these problem areas is definitely because when i eat out its got to be mexican!! Guac, sour cream, and cheese? Need i say more? Red Bank, NJ Juanitos..little hole in the wall but the best mexican food i have ever had!

  4. obviously italian food steph :p!!!! pizza rulez….i really don’t care about my abs i love my “beerbelly” 😀

  5. Gillian Skorka

    You got your dress from forever 21!

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