Banana Cream Nilla Wafer Pie

Does that sound good? Oh yes. It is. Katie is having a feature of bloggers and their favorite treats… and this treat in particular has always been a favorite of mine. My mom used to make it for me during my high schools days, and I remember that it was quite popular amongst my friends – so I want to share it with everyone 🙂 Here is goes!

There are two ways you can make this recipe; low fat or the ‘sinful’ version 😛 pick your poision! I chose the low fat version which includes the following ingredients:

Lookin Good Already!

-A box of Reduced Fat Nilla Wafers
-A box of Banana Cream Jell-o
-Skim Milk
-A can of Low Fat Condensed Milk (14 oz)
-Lite Cool Whip
-3 or 4 bananas

For the ‘sinful’ recipe, use a box of Nilla Wafers, whole milk, condensed milk, and cool whip. The same ingredients just not the ‘light’ versions!

To start, slice three or four bananas and place on the bottom of the pie dish. Then, layer the Nilla Wafers on top of the bananas, like so…

Keep layering until all bananas are covered.

Place the 8 oz of Cool Whip, the box of Banana Pudding, 2 cups of Skim Milk, and the can of Condensed Milk in a blender until well mixed. Then, pour the mixture over the bananas and the Nilla Wafers until fully covered:

Place in the fridge for at least two hours so the pie can become a bit firmer. Next step: Enjoy!

Ta Da!

9 responses to “Banana Cream Nilla Wafer Pie

  1. I am making this tomorrow! looks delicious! love the light version!

  2. I love the Banana Nilla Wafer pie. All the ingredients were strategically placed as I walked into the grocery store this past weekend. BUT…I resisted!

  3. flippin love your blog.. this looks delish girlfrand!

  4. Wow this looks so yummy. I love vanilla wafers 🙂

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