Goodbye, Weekend

Ah, another weekend has come and gone. How was yours? Did you do anything fun or out of the ordinary? I went for coffee with an old friend yesterday (hi Marie!) which turned into a mini-shopping trip (of course) and today I went for breakfast with my friend Rebecca at the same place I went with Eva when we ran our half marathon. I also did my fair share of working out in preparation for Breanne’s wedding next weekend!

Let’s talk breakfast – but first – let’s talk clothes 😛

Time for Breakfast!

Top – Forever21
Pants – H&M
Shoes – Coach – $50 at Marshall’s!

Rebecca and I arrived in Hoboken (the town where we ate) starving and ready to eat. Unfortunately, it took us a little while to find The Turning Point, but at least I was able to take some pretty pictures along the way:

Once we finally got seated at the restaurant, we ordered a pot of French Pressed coffee:

Press Away!

And ordered two delicious dishes — Rebecca chose the Pesto Infused Skillet, which was what I had ordered last time:

Because who doesn't Like Pesto?

And I went with the Huevos Blanco Rancheros:

I switched the tortilla for a side salad since I’m tryna’ low-carb it (as I eat croutons with my salad right now…). My one qualm about this dish was that it was SO, SO hot. I legit drank the entire pitcher of watcher (Rebecca can back me up on this). However, it was incredibly good and I would order it again — and request for it to not be as scorchin’ hot!

I hope you’re all enjoying a relaxing Sunday evening! What did you do this weekend? Any good eats to share?


4 responses to “Goodbye, Weekend

  1. Today I went to a bridal shower on a yacht…waaay out of the ordinary for me and waaay fun! haha

  2. I went to my cousin’s bridal shower and ate a lot of yummy food. Also saw x-men with the bf 😀 That pesto pasta look delicious!!

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