Can’t Believe it’s Over

Hey all! As most of you know, yesterday I was a bridesmaid in my friend Breanne’s wedding. It was such a beautiful day filled with love, happiness, food, and drinks! I plan to show you guys tons of pictures tomorrow once I am home (my flight is later today) but I can tell you that it was a beautiful day. It was raining and slightly chilly in the morning – we were all kind of uneasy about it. But as soon as it was time for Breanne to walk down the aisle, the sun started beaming! Check plus plus plus!

We started our day with hair and makeup, following by pre-jitter wedding champagne, and a great reception after a lovely ceremony. Now we’re off to get some much needed morning after Starbucks coffee.

Can’t wait to show you guys all my pictures! xo!

Question: Were you ever at a wedding where it rained? If so, did some of the plans have to change? (ex: And outdoor wedding that had to be brought inside).


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