Ohhh it’s here again! What I Ate Wednesday! Here we gooo!

Breakfast: One hard boiled egg and two egg whites with sliced strawberries (I had some more fruit a couple hours later):

Breakfast Time!


Iced Coffee w/ One Pump Coconut

Believe it or not, I haven’t had Starbucks in a while..


Hanful of Walnuts, Cashews, Almonds

Lunch: Salad with tofu, one cube of low fat Laughing Cow Cheese, a few Blackberries, Cabbage

Lurve me some tofu

After lunch, to cure my sweet tooth, I had a bite of peanut butter.


Seaweed Snacks

Have you ever had these before? They’re extremely low-cal and extremely delish!


Posa Dinner (Local Pizza Place)

Salad of sauteed chicken, mushroom, and sun dried tomato along with a tiny sliver of mushroom pizza. You guessed it, I love mushrooms

That’s all, folks!

Question of the Night: What did you eat today?? Have you ever tried seaweed snacks?


22 responses to “WIAW

  1. The tofu salad looks delish! I tried the seaweed snacks and I really wasn’t a fan. 😦 I feel like people either love or hate em!

  2. Where do you get seaweed snacks? I would love to try them but I have never seen them!

  3. Seafood snacks look interesting! I’d love to give them a try, although I’m not going to like, all that green scares me!

  4. I’ve seen those seaweed snacks but I’ve never tried them! Where do you get them? I bet Whole Foods would have them…

    • I generally get them at any health food store, or even at the Grocery store in the ‘ethnic’ aisle 🙂 I’m positive Whole Foods would have them! I’d be shocked if they didn’t.

  5. Trader joes has such good sea food snacks!!

  6. I SOOOOO wanted to love seaweed snacks, but I just couldn’t!! I took two bites and gave the two packages away. I guess they’re not for everyone. I like sushi, but can’t stomach the seaweed snacks. I make up for it by eating lots of peanut butter. 🙂

  7. I love coconut flavoring in my coffee! I always thought it was a weird combo but when I tried it I changed my mind pretty quickly. If only I have a bottle of coconut syrup in my house…

  8. whooohoo!!!! Happy WIAW Steph! ❤ I'm a mushroom fanatic too =) I'd eat mushrooms on mushrooms all day if you let me… but then i'd turn into one… or a weird color… ahhh you get the point =) haha!

  9. Oh wow what a yummy dinner! I have never tried seaweed snacks, I think I’m a bit scared lol

  10. my favorite salad from posa! 🙂

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