Cavin’ into Cravings

Today started out like any other – minus the working out. I generally take a couple days off during the week, however, I pretty much took this entire week off because I was sick Monday and Tuesday. I just really needed to take it easy and quit with the 4:30 AM wake up calls to hit the gym. They’re likely to return next week but not tomorrow!

Anyhow, had my breakfast..

Tastes Better than it Looks!

A mixture of low fat french vanilla yogurt and plain greek yogurt, approximately ¼ honey bunches of oats, about ¼ cup blackberries and blueberries. A swirl of low fat maple syrup made it all complete!

About three hours after breakfast, I had a few grapes and orange slices along with some almonds and walnuts… for lunch, I rolled with some of my left over salad from last night.

After lunch, it hit. It hit me hard. I needed REALLY WANTED frozen yogurt. Like now. Like give me it NOW! Okay, totally over- reacting. But seriously, I couldn’t get the delicious texture and sweet taste out of my head. We have a couple of places that sell frozen yogurt around where I work and a co-worker happily came for the walk to purchase our frozen yogurt. Generally, I don’t eat treats during the day. I save my sweet for after dinner and am totally fine with that. For some reason, today was different. I just knew I needed to answer the craving. In my past, I would have felt totally weak and useless having given into a craving. I’m really not that way any more. I generally quiet my sweet tooth by popping a hard candy into my mouth or having a scoop of peanut butter.

Post-frozen yogurt eating, I felt awesome. I didn’t feel like I had deprived myself OR over-indulged. Was the cup of froyo big? Yeah, it was. Was it a cup of Chunky Monkey Ice Cream with Hot Fudge on top? No, it wasn’t. (Not that a cup of that every now and then is bad!). My point is is that it’s okay to just give in once in a while. I can’t think about every little portion or ounce of what I’m eating. I did that and it brought me, personally, to a bad place. When you have a craving, of course it’s smart to think about ‘Do I really want this?’, and if the answer is absolutely yes, then you must absolutely treat yourself!

Besides, who wants to deny themselves a big cup of frozen yogurt, anyway 😉 ?

Question of the Night: Do you generally give into cravings? How do you cure a sweet/savory tooth?


6 responses to “Cavin’ into Cravings

  1. I definitely give into cravings! I just recently realized that it’s when I don’t that I end up eating even MORE. I have a huge sweet tooth & usually have to have at least something chocolate everyday! 😉

  2. I always believe when you have bad cravings, it’s your body telling you it needs something that has been missing from your diet.

  3. I agree with Erica, I eat MORE if I don’t just give in. Plus, you aren’t really livin’ without good food! 🙂

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