Viva la Vida

Helllooo! How was everyone’s weekend? I had a great Saturday and Sunday with my friend Analeesa and want to show you some pics of the eats/drinks.. here we go 🙂

Started off at a sushi place in Hoboken (forgot the name, so sorry!) which was fantastic and had a great interior:

We split a bottle of Red Zinfandel by Robert Mondavi which went down so smooth 🙂

I started off with the green salad topped with a ginger fruit dressing:

I also had a lobster/mango/cucumber roll with brown rice along with some tamago sashimi (PS-anyone else a tamago fan??)

Face Plant

After dinner, we went into the city and started off at a restaurant/lounge called Qi. Again, the interior was wonderful–very new-age and simplistic, with paper sailboats hanging from the ceiling:

Come sail away with meeee...

Ordered a round of cocktails:

Then went onto a beer called Tiger which we really enjoyed. It was your average lager with a nice kick at the end:

A little while later we met up with some of Analeesa’s friends who were visiting from Colorado:

Analeesa and I 🙂


Around 4:00 AM, we called it a night, and went to bed as the sun was coming out at 5:00 AM…! Crazy.

Today, we went to the Hoboken Bar and Grill for some brunch. I ordered the Sinatra Omelette with egg whites. Inside of the omelette was chopped prosciutto, mushroom, and mozzarella cheese.

Food? Fantastic. Service? Pretty Shittaayyy. Pardon my french 😉

After brunch, we went for a nice walk along the water and stared at beautiful NYC:

There you have it! My weekend in a nut shell 🙂 and a very good nut shell at that.

Question of the Night: How was your weekend? Also, when you get sushi, what do you usually order?


5 responses to “Viva la Vida

  1. Gillian Skorka

    That sushi looks soooo good! I’m definitely jealous.

  2. I usually have a tuna roll, cucumber roll and get the new york roll. The new york roll has mayo…slices of apple and i believe its tuna inside but i could be wrong. Jade Village has some yummy sushi. And as for the weekend..well…you know part of it. Saturday night mom, dad, matt and I went to go see Jim Gaffigan live. He is such a funny man, I couldn’t stop laughing!

  3. NYC is beautiful. I’m jealous!! Love it there. 🙂

    Ginger fruit dressing sounds delicious! Glad you had a nice weekend!

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