Pre-Packaged Goodness

Monday you’re done! Don’t you just love that feeling? I sure do. Feels like total dominationnnn 😉

So let’s talk about pre-packaged food. Pre-packaged food gets a pretty bad wrap (no pun intended) but there are actually some good qualities; portion control, many are 100-calorie packs, easy to take to work and on trips. The downfall? Many aren’t filling and/or satisfying, high in sugar, and aren’t dense in nutrients. I used to eat pre-packaged food much more a few years back, more specifically, the 100 calorie versions, but like I said, they weren’t filling in the least.

Today, I eat very few pre-packaged foods, but when I do, it consists of a sandwich from my local health food store which I have totally fallen in love with.

The other day, I had a Vegan Spicy Tofu Sandwich. What did I love? Um, popping it in my lunch bag in two seconds and devouring it in ten seconds. Okay not ten seconds but like… 15 minutes.

Ingredients? Pretty good! See for yourself:

Organic Tofu, Organic Seven Grain Bread, Brown Rice, Sunflower Seeds, and Flax Seeds amongst others? All for $2.99?

Gimmie gimmie more, gimmie more, gimmie gimmie more… what song is this?? Old schoooooool.

Question of the Night: Are you a pre-packaged food person? What types of pre-packaged food do you eat?


10 responses to “Pre-Packaged Goodness

  1. I am not a pre-packaged food girl unless it’s a big of “Nut Thins” by Blue Diamond or something like that…but I would be totally open to a sandwich like that one!

    *Two words: Britney.Spears.*

  2. I think pre packaged food is fine to an extent! I agree that those 100 calorie packs aren’t filling at all, but I used to eat them tons. As long as there isn’t a mile long ingredient list, hundreds of milligrams of sodium, and it isn’t all you eat.. go for some packaged food!

    Hands down favorite packaged food = VitaMuffins!

  3. I’ve always wanted to try those tofu sandwiches…yum! I can’t find them around here though! I don’t eat TOO much packaged food… but love PB, chips, cookies, etc!

  4. I eat very few pre-packaged/frozen foods but I’ve been loving garden lite roasted vegetable souffles. They’re delicious! I never thought I would enjoy a pre-packaged meal so much

  5. I am not big of pre-packaged foods, however I LOVE Wholly Guacamole’s 100-calories packs, which are PERFECT for a snack (with tortilla chips) or a turkey wrap. Avocadoes brown so darn fast that I hate cracking one open and only using half of it on my wrap.

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