You got it, it’s that time again! But before I show you my ‘What I Ate Wednesday’ meals/snacks/sweets etc., let me show you the outfit I wore today:

Spanky: Mom, you are the BEST.

Dress: Urban Outfitters (from about 3 years ago..)
Button Down: Chico’s
Shoes: Jessica Simpson (I like the girl, gimmie a break)

Onto the Eats!

After a nice sweat-tastic workout at the gym, I was super hungry for breakfast, which I devoured once I arrived to work:

This yogurt mess consisted of 0% plain greek yogurt mixed with two tablespoons of Lemon Barleans Omega Swirl. Also mixed in were a few pitted cherries, a handful of Honey Bunches of Oats, and a drizzle of low fat maple syrup.

About 3 1/2 hours later it was snack time 🙂

Loved Every Bite of this Baby! Only 100 Cals.. What?!

Lunch brought me back to the Open Bar

I Can't Seem to Resist

This time around I chose:
-Sliced apple salad that was mixed with walnuts, onions, sliced white cheese, and tomato
-The most amazing grilled eggplant I have ever had
-Arugula topped with calamari

…As if this wasn’t amazing enough, I made sure to pack a little sweet for me to have after lunch:

A scoop of Chocolate and Low Sodium Better’n PB. Divine.

I wanted something quick and tasty for dinner, and that’s just what I got:

Summer Turkey Wrap!

This low-cal wrap was spread with one wedge of Low Fat Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese, two slices of turkey, and sliced peaches. So perfect for Summer!

Alongside the wrap, I had some coleslaw that was picked up from the grocery store. I topped it with slivered almonds because why not?

…and it was a good idea at that 😉

Now I’m ready for some of this, which I picked up on my way home from work:


I hardly ever want Carvel but tonight I did! I went for a small cup of soft serve low fat vanilla and chocolate topped with some reese’s pieces.

I’d say this was a good day!

Question: Do you have a Carvel near you? If not, which ice cream shops do you go to?


17 responses to “WIAW

  1. I love to hit up Dairy Queen for a blizzard every now & then! And I love getting ice cream at local places… those are usually the best!

  2. that dress is sooo cute! great eats girl!

  3. Your dress is too cute! That ice cream looks delicious… I don’t do dairy anymore, but I love making my own ice cream or getting coconut milk ice cream with cookie dough. 🙂

  4. Your eats look great! We don’t have a Carvel here in Chicago, but I do love my Dairy Queen! My favorite is a strawberry blizzard with EXTRA strawberries! 🙂

  5. slaw and almonds sounds like a good combo! =) Happy WIAW girly girl! mwah!

  6. Turkey with PEACHES!!! I’m intrigued!

    All of your eats look delicious.

    And I have never even HEARD of Carvel! Prob not in Canada, sadly. I LOVE DQ!

  7. I dream of the day that I have access to an open bar of healthy foods =) ahhh so perfect! =) happy WIAW!

  8. Just blog hopping and thought I’d say hi! I love food so love to see what others are eating!

  9. Your breakfast looks sooo delicious! Oooooh, Carvel?! I wish they had that near where I live ;(

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