Target Addiction

Does anyone else have an addiction to Target? Can anyone reading this seriously walk into that store and walk out with the one item they went in for? I, for one, can not. Yesterday I went in there with two items on my mind: a gift card and a baby shower outfit. I walked out with this:

-A sundress (too big, have to return it), a pair of black leggings, a cute sweat shirt to hang around the house in or run errands in, and finally the baby shower outfit and gift card. What’s the deal, Target? How do you do it?

On the way home, I stopped at the health food store to stock up on some sweets that have gone missing over the past couple weeks:

-Chocolate Vita Tops
-Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter (Please, please, do yourself a favor… purchase this)
-Greek Yogurt
-Chocolate bar with Almonds and Sea Salt (again, you must purchase this too, I won’t steer you wrong)

After a wondrous sleep, I woke up around 7:30 and hit the gym pretty hard! It wasn’t a long workout, but definitely intense.
-20 quick minutes of running on the treadmill
-10 minutes on the elliptical
-5 minutes on the stair master
-10 minutes of abs

Now I am eating an insanely good yogurt bowl, which I wish I could have two of:

In the mix:
-1/2 cup 0% greek yogurt
-1 heaping tbsp Barleans Mango Omega Swirl
-1/2 cups of grapes
-1 slice of Manna Cinnamon Date Bread
-1 tbsp low fat maple syrup

Well I gotta’ run guys! Today I have a bridal shower to attend and right after the shower, I am going to New Jersey to spend the weekend with two of my friends from college, Jenn and Ashley! Have an awesome Saturday.

Question of the Day: Do you ever walk out of Target with the one item you needed? Or are you like me and purchase other things that are ‘sooo cute!’?


12 responses to “Target Addiction

  1. Target… oh man! They suck me in every time! I’ve even professed my love of Target to my students & one kid got me a gift card at the end of the year… SCORE! 🙂 I have just resigned myself to the fact that I’ll be spending at least $20 every time I step into the store!

  2. I LOVE target soooooooo much! I feel you girl- i cant EVER go in there and not buy one (or 10) things! i LOVEEEEE dark chocolate dreams, so freakin good!

  3. Nice choices…both at Target and the Health Food store! I LOVE Target…even moreso because I’m Canadian and we don’t have them here (yet…they’re coming soon)….I was just there a couple weeks back and bought everything from shirts to cereal to marshmallow toasters to a tart pan…and everything in between…I kid you not!

  4. I LOVEEE target as well, no way any woman can walk in that store and only come in with what they intended to get.

  5. If there was a Target in Canada I would TOTALLY have an addiction to Target. It’s coming though, next year! And I am already excited.
    I’m like that with Shoppers Drug Mart (Canadian drug store, and so. much. more). I go in there for deodorant and I spend $100 on random stuff.

  6. I LOVE Target and absolutely can NEVER leave with what I came for! It’s ridiculous. Then I’m always like, well, I’m here, might as well walk down to TJ Maxx. 🙂

  7. that yogurt bowl sounds delicious! i LOVE grapes and yogurt

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