Macho Macho (Wo)man

You guys remember the ‘Macho, macho, maaaaaan, I wanna be, a macho man!’ song right? Well today I definitely had that song stuck in my head while drinking this:

I want to PUUUMPP you UUUPPP

Today I tried Muscle Milk Light for the first time. I always glimpsed at it through those cold refrigerator doors in convenience stores and gyms, but this morning, I went for the plunge. I drank it as a mid-day snack/mini meal, hoping for the best. I was a bit skeptical about how it would taste, but I was happily surprised! The Muscle Milk was actually quite good, and I really enjoyed the chocolaty flavor.

The stats were great, too: 170 calories in the whole bottle along with zero sugar and 20 grams of protein! I’ll take it! I see myself drinking many more of these in my future.

Question of the night: Do you drink any protein shakes from your gym/convenience store? Which are your favorites?


7 responses to “Macho Macho (Wo)man

  1. Interesting, I have never seen that drink before…
    I usually steer clear of premade protein shakes and drinks, because I did try one at my gym (a shake), and it had that common gross protein-y taste to it. I think it ruined them for me.
    If it tasted okay though, then it would be allllllright in my books!

  2. I’ve tried the Special K protein drinks & they’re pretty good!

  3. I tried Muscle Milk a few times years wasn’t too bad! I worked at a gym, so I always saw the guys drinking that kind of stuff. 🙂

  4. I like regular ol’ chocolate milk as a protein drink!

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