It’s The Little Things

Tonight’s blog post is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. Every time I go out or have an occasion to bring a camera, I take as many pictures as possible. It’s often times the little moments that I don’t fully capture. Sure, I snap pictures of food, or the NYC skyline from my bus, but I don’t always take as many pictures of day to day occurrences that just make me plain happy! Today was that day for me–here’s what made my day that much better:

It's a BIG World Out There

Mopsey taking a car ride to the bus with me.

New Shoes -- $20 at Marshall's, what what!?

Okay, either you love or hate these shoes. I love. I swoon πŸ™‚

Random Deliciousness for Lunch

A Rainy NYC Day

This Greeting After a Long Day

Salad for Dinner

Prepping Iced Coffee for the Following Morning

I really enjoyed doing this and see myself capturing more ‘little’ moments in the future!

Question of the Night: Did you have a random part of your day that was particularly nice? Anything small, yet heart-warming happen?


6 responses to “It’s The Little Things

  1. I love the pictures of your dogs…they are SO precious! πŸ™‚

  2. I would love to come home to those pups!

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