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Hooray! Here is my first Ask Me Anything Post! Hope you all enjoy πŸ™‚

What is your typical workout routine?
I have always been someone who concentrates on running. I also tend to zone in on my abs. Sometimes, I concentrate on it too much and don’t challenge myself enough when it comes to core, leg strength training, and arms. As of about a month ago, I started to work out my arms much more. If you follow StephSnacks regularly, you may know that I just got a personal trainer. I have him for six sessions and I couldn’t be happier with the two sessions I have had already. I am constantly sore (in a good way) and working muscles I could not have reached on my own. I work out with him twice a week and then workout another two hard workouts on my own for a total of four tough workouts per week. I also do one ‘easy’ workout a week (25-30 minute run/walk) for a total of five workouts a week.

If you were on a deserted island who and what would you want there with you??
Who? Joel McHale–funny and cute? SCORE. Love ‘The Soup’. What? A bikini, workout clothing, greek yogurt, peanut butter, vita tops, and my own Starbucks Barista πŸ˜‰

Have you ever tried or known anyone to do p90x? Did they get good results?
I, personally, have not done P90X, although I have had a handful of friends do the workouts. From my observations, the workouts alone are very challenging but incredibly affective. A friend of mine ate healthy but had her cheats here and there while doing the P90X Dvd’s and she slimmed down quite quickly. She also gained strength all over her body, which is an absolute plus.

What is your very favourite food?! And what was your fave food as a kid?
My very favorite food… hmmmm…. well, if I could choose my last meal it would have to be an incredible sushi roll. I positively love sushi rolls. And I mean the ‘bad for you’ ones with tempura, spicy tuna/salmon, sauce, the works. I hardly ever get those types of rolls, but they are super delicious. As a kid I love grilled cheese! πŸ˜€

These aren’t questions, but I’d love to hear more about your life.
I guess I’ll throw some random facts your way! I am a very independent person. I’m responsible and level headed but still love to have a crazy night. While I am saving for an apartment in NYC, I still like to go out to eat and purchase a great pair of shoes. I love baking so much, and during my free time, I try to do it as much as possible. My parents are still together after 28 years, which will be hard to live up to! I have a younger sister, Gillian, who is turning 21 in October. Currently no boyfriend. I lived in Los Angeles for my first two years of college. I could consume my body weight in frozen yogurt every day if I had no self-control.

Peanut butter is my favorite food. What is your favorite way to eat Peanut butter? favorite recipe? combination? unique ways?

My favorite way to eat peanutbutter is spread on top of a Deep Chocolate Vita Top with a little bit of jelly. Combination–PB&J all the way! Wouldn’t say I really have a unique way to eat it!

It’s already a hit so what do you foresee or want to happen for your blog in the future? Would you ever want to publish a cook book? Lastly, is there a daily ritual you have each day to help with your spirits and mentality regarding health/self confidence? do you start your day with something- or is it a constant conversation. what helps most?
I definitely want my blog presence to become stronger. StephSnacks has come so far already and I want to keep devoting the time to gaining more readers and avid participation in the Comments Section. I love hearing from readers, it makes my day when people share their thoughts with me. I have toyed with the idea of creating some sort of book before and had actually started one. I’d need to really zone in on what type of book I’d love to both write and read.

When it comes to my mental state with health, I try to be honest and kind to myself. There was a dark, terrible period of time where I was awful to myself. Not skinny enough, pretty enough, etc… the self-hatred was too much to bare. Now, if I’m feeling insecure about a certain body part or ‘flaw’, I simply remind myself of how hard I work out and that life is here for me to enjoy, not to just say ‘no’ to every treat that comes my way. So I’d say I definitely have a constant conversation with myself.

How do you handle a super stressful day? Extra cardio, stress relief candles (my fave LOL) or a cocktail?! any pointers?
Stressful days come and go, but they’re never, ever fun. I generally like to take a long walk after a stressful day–it gives me time to move my body and tune into my thoughts. I recommend doing something a bit more relaxed so you can focus on the issues you’re dealing with in a calmer, more peaceful manner. I tend to become level-headed on walks outside and begin to see the stressful situation much clearer.

Do you have a β€œcheat day” of the week or one meal or time of the day where you let yourself eat whatever you want, whether it be your idea of healthy or non-healthy?
Every single night I have dessert. Usually, in a healthy form. So whether it’s a No Pudge Brownie, Vita top with tons a bit of peanut butter, or frozen yogurt, I can have something to look forward to at the end of the day.

Steph! Love your blog!!! I love how you mix t up between fashion food and exercise. But how do you stay so regimented in your healthy diet? Bc I LOVE a good fried, carby meal! And any tips for eating out? I eat out about 2 times a week and I always fun myself over indulging!
I am so happy you love the blog, thank you! My regimented diet basically comes from just knowing my body so well. My body, in particular, is very, very sensitive to high-calorie, fatty foods. I take after my mom, and gain weight in an instant if I even look at a donut. Is it fun? Not all the time. Luckily, there are ways to learn to love healthy eating. Delicious, wholesome food can still mean having a piece of dark chocolate with frozen strawberries. It doesn’t all have to be Lean Cuisine!

Eating out gets tricky. You kind of have to go into the situation telling yourself, ‘I will have only one piece of bread from the bread basket’, and making yourself follow through with that promise. Look at the menu hard and instead of saying, ‘What do I want?’, say, ‘What on this menu is the best for me, while still filling me up and leaving me satisfied?’. You’ll feel better about yourself and become more conscious of healthy eating in restaurants.

I was just wondering if at the beginning of the week do you plan your diet and exercise or if you just wing it? I have been trying to get myself in a stricter routine but I don’t know what works best!
Since I have been working out and eating right for quite some time now, I don’t really have to plan as much anymore. It comes naturally. However, I do pack my meals for work the night before, in order to resist eating out! If you’re in the beginning stages of eating right and working out, I recommend planning your workouts in advance. Have work? Try to get to the gym before or after-no excuses! Some frozen turkey breast in your freezer? Bake it in the oven and then throw it atop of salads and beside grilled veggies/brown rice throughout the week. The more you pre-plan your routine, the more likely you’ll be to follow it!

I loved, loved, loved answering your questions!! I hope the answers were up to par for you πŸ™‚ Thank you for being the best readers EVER!

Question of the Night: What is a random fact that no one would know about you??


9 responses to “Ask Me Anything

  1. Loved reading these, Steph! I definitely learned more about you. πŸ™‚

  2. if you were stranded on a deserted island, a bikini or work out clothes would not be necessary!! do it in the buff baby. its just you and joel πŸ˜‰

  3. Vitatops are awesome! Since they’re so low in cals, I like to add a bunch of toppings. The other day I added some almond butter, chocolate syrup and cool whip, and I had it as an after dinner dessert – it was awesome.

    And I also had a dark period of time in which I struggled with an eating disorder. It really sucked because I was always restricting myself, focusing on burning calories, and just having an awful life. Thankfully, this period only lasted for about 6 months and along with support from my loved ones, I realized this was no way of living. It took me more than a few months to adjust to normal, healthy living because I was so used to viewing everything in a distorted way, but now I view food in a normal way, and most importantly, I feel great. Sure, there are ups and downs, but what really matters is that I’ve overcome this horrible illness, and I’m glad you have, too. Stay strong! πŸ™‚

    • I generally have my vitatops as after dinner desserts as well–with tons of toppings! I’m soglad you were able to overcome such a life-altering obstacle, just as I did. It wasn’t easy to do by any means, and I really respect that you were able to catch onto it quickly–6 months! Mine was longer but it really taught me a lot about myself and life in general.

  4. Our workout routines sound similar… running and abs. I have to really push myself to do full body weights… thankfully I found Bodypump!

    I really liked reading all of your answers… I love Q & A’s! πŸ™‚

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