Just Another Foodie Monday

Seeee yaaaa lataaa’ Monday! Doesn’t it feel good?? I haven’t really shown you guys what I’ve been eating throughout the day, so I wanted to take this post and show you 🙂

For breakfast, I actually wound up going to a diner in NYC before heading to work. My dad drove my sister Gillian and I into the city because Gillian had an early bus to catch (she came home for the weekend). After making sure she got to the bus stop, I was left with time to sit down and enjoy a ‘proper’ breakfast! AKA not sitting in front of a computer screen 😉

I decided to go with a small glass of OJ (finished about half). I just love orange juice, and having a glass every now and then is just plain old delicious!

Vitaminnnnnn C

For breakfast I ordered a ‘Farmers Market’ egg white omelette which consisted of mixed veggies and goat cheese:

Instead of home fries, I opted for tomato and lettuce. Yea, yea, I know, but you can’t have home fries all the time!

I ate the omelette around 8:30 and wasn’t hungry again until 1:30. That’s when lunch came into play!

This salad consisted of a chopped turkey burger, some tomato’s, and a few croutons. The real star of the show was the ginger dressing. I am obsessed with ginger dressing–I would drink it if I could. Not really… but, you get what I’m saying.

Snack was an un-pictured granola bar around 5:00.

8:00–Dinna time!

Wraps seem to always make there way into my dinner line up. They’re just so easy, can you blame me? This one consisted of ham, low fat cheese, hummus, and honey mustard.

Dessert? Duh! Always room for dessert!

Strawberry Cheesecake Swirl

Deep Chocolate Vita Tops are the bomb diggity, of course. They are even more of the bomb diggity when topped with faux-strawberry cheesecake.

To make the strawberry cheesecake, follow these directions:
Mix together 2 tbsp of room temperature low fat cream cheese with 3 tbsp of low fat cool whip and one splenda packet. Once mixed, place on top of the Vitatop. Then, swirl a bit of strawberry jam into the faux-cheesecake mix!

Talk to you all tomorrow!

Question of the Night
: Do you ever go out to eat by yourself? Or are you more of a ‘with friends’ kinda’ diner?


13 responses to “Just Another Foodie Monday

  1. Your dessert looks amazing! I need to get my hands on these vitatops because you use them all the time, in so many different ways! I love variety. And to your question.. i love going out to eat alone. I feel so independent, as well as it gives me time to enjoy myself! But like everyone else, how fun is it to go out with your friends, family, and loved one? So i guess i can go half and half with that question 🙂 Love your blog! Keep going girl!

    • Lauren let me know if you have trouble finding them. The vitatop website sells different packs! I agree with you on the half and half aspect of going out to eat as well. Sometimes I like to be on my own, but at other times, it’s so nice to be with others.

  2. That omelet looks Awesome!!

  3. I love your idea for the “strawberry cheesecake” topping.

    I used to eat by myself pretty frequently in college; between classes & whatnot. Now, I don’t do it as much!

  4. Oh! That “faux cheesecake” atop a vita is genius. Mmmm….

    Love diner breakfasts. They really are so filling and satisfying. I have officially decided to go for one after my first 10 mile run. 🙂

  5. All of your eats look so good! I especially love the egg white omelette with veggies and goat cheese. That sounds so good right now!

  6. There is always room for dessert 😉 It looks delicious

  7. Yummy yummy meals! I love wraps, too! Super easy and super yummy! And your dessert looks so delicious and so simple too! Can’t wait to try it!

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