Take Two

We made it to Friday! TGIF! What are you doing this weekend?? This Saturday, I am staying with Analeesa again in Hoboken for a fun-filled Saturday night. Stay tuned for a re-cap on Sunday! This week was kind of hectic, so I’m looking forward to sleeping late on Saturday for sure.

Yesterday, I packed some left overs from the night before for lunch. Don’t you love when that happens? Makes getting ready for work ten times easier (either that or I’m just lazy!). Generally, I scarf everything down in one sitting, no questions asked. But yesterday for some reason, I only wanted a little bit of my lunch around 1:00.

So I set myself a plate of grilled shrimp, grilled veggies, a little lettuce, and a bit of feta:

Perfect. Just what I wanted and just the right amount.

After a couple of meetings, I was ready for the second half at 3:00..

Again, the perfect amount! Sometimes it really does do the trick to have little meals throughout the day. I feel less stuffed but still content!

Question of the Day: Do you ever split your lunch (or any meal) in two? Even with breakfast I sort of do. I have a bunch of almonds before my commute and then my actual breakfast at work!


8 responses to “Take Two

  1. I am going to a concert this weekend and I am seeing Harry Potter in IMAX! 🙂 Also, I always split my breakfasts. I have half of it at home and half when I get to work!

  2. Sometimes I split breakfast a bit, but usually just my juice. 🙂

    Tonight the husband and I went to dinner and on a walk, the rest of the weekend will probably just be relaxing around! Have a great trip, Steph!!

  3. I love splitting meals in two! It makes me feel like I am eating more, and my tummy prefers me not to eat too much in one setting. It is much friendlier if I eat smaller portions kind of spaced out!

  4. Wow steph!! That meal looks amazing! Can we have the recipe, please?!

    • It was actually from a restaurant! But you can easily re-create it: Grill your favorite veggies and shrimp on skewers, then place them over a salad with olives and feta cheese! Done!

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