French Fry in Paradise

Gooood evening! This weekend went so fast – I can’t believe it’s Sunday night already. Bummer! Like I mentioned yesterday, I was pretty darn busy, and before I knew it, it was time to head to Hoboken for a night out with my friend Analeesa and her boyfriend! We all met at Analeesa’s apartment and soon after, headed out the door to the city. Most of the night was spent at our favorite spot, The Standard Biergarten. What I love about the Biergarten is that it’s both indoors and outdoors, with a bar dedicated to three different types of beers and another bar for wine/mixed drinks, which really helps to get your drink quickly!


A couple beers and a few glasses of wine later, we decided to go to a place called The Diner, which is across the way from the biergarten. Once seated, we ordered a round of beers; I went with the Harlem Brewery Sugar Hill which was a fantastic choice, if I do say so myself πŸ˜‰

We were a bit hungry at this point (2:00 AM?) and decided to order a couple dishes. Analeesa and I went with the Seared Tuna Tacos while the guys went with the Disco Fries (topped with cheddar cheese and a side of EXTRA cheese PLUS gravy). Comments? Seared Tuna Tacos–good but very small 😦 Analeesa and I each got one and finished them in two bites. So, of course, we had a few bites of the Disco Fries. All I can say? Best. Fries. Ever. I am not a fry person. Never really have been. But these fries were mouth-watering good. The cheese was incredibly good and the fries were soggy in the middle and crispy at the ends. Worth every calorie, people, every calorie.

After heading to bed around 4:00 AM, it felt good to sleep until around 9:15. Once we were all awake, it was breakfast time before I had to venture into the city for some more apartment hunting. We went to a little diner/deli next to Analeesa’s place. I ordered an egg white omelette with swiss cheese, peppers, and tomato’s. I also ordered a side of turkey sausage and finished half of one piece. Even just that little piece hit the spot!

Tons of Ketchup, too, of Course!

Once breakfast was done, I made my way into the city to continue my apartment hunt. But I definitely needed a crap ton bit of caffeine to get me through:

Let me just say, it ain’t easy apartment hunting in NYC! Seriously one of the most difficult jobs I’ve ever done. I’ll keep you all posted with how it goes. Needless to say, I came home tired and ready to relax. Totally ready to get my RHONJ fix tonight!

Question of the Night: What are some of your favorite indulgences? Do you consider a certain treat worth every single calorie?


4 responses to “French Fry in Paradise

  1. I can’t imagine how tough it would be to apartment hunt in NYC! Although I always wanted to live there for a year or so. πŸ™‚

    I have indulgences everyday, soo…haha. I save the big stuff for the weekend though…cookie cake, brownies, etc!

  2. When I indulge, I typically reach for ice cream. I could honestly eat a whole gallon every night if I allowed myself, so I definitely try and limit what I eat. It is tough, though!!!

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