Jell-o Body

Can we just talk about the power of massage therapy for a hot second? I have always been a major fan of getting a massage at least two or three times a year. I find that this is one of the only times where I feel like an absolute piece of jell-o (in a good way), and my muscles completely relax. All throughout work today I kept thinking of my 7:30 massage appointment.. it couldn’t come soon enough!

My mind literally feels like mush right now, I can hardly concentrate. That being said, usually during the first twenty minutes of the actual massage, I need to continually tell myself to stop thinking. Thinking about friends, work, family, etc… It’s a good lesson to learn, the power of actually shutting down–mind, body, everything–for just sixty minutes.

Not only does massage therapy relax the mind and body, but it eases sore/tight muscles, gets the blood flowin’, and improves flexibility, amongst others. I can go on and on…

Okay, my mind is legit not working right now! Now I am going to have a Deep Chocolate Vitatop (with a spread of Dark Chocolate Dreams PB) and go to bed! πŸ™‚

Question of the Night: Are you big on massages? What is your favorite type; sports, swedish..?


8 responses to “Jell-o Body

  1. Too funny..I actually had a massage today too! My back is so tense! It felt fabulous. I don’t really treat myself to massages unless my back really hurts orr we are on vacation but I love to just relax and get all the knots out!

  2. Massages are the best! My roommates and I are all fairly good at giving massages…we all swam together and knew our sore spots well since we all have the same ones. We would do a massage rotation when necessary, and it was the best! I will miss that this year!

  3. Oh I love this post! I try to get a massage once a month. I either get a hot stone massage or a deep tissue and nothing less than 75 minutes.
    If I fall asleep, I feel ripped off because I slept through it 😦 That typically doesn’t happen because when I start to drift, I do that snore-snort thing that is SO embarrassing!

    • I was soooo close to falling asleep last night! Right towards the end, I was really dozing off, so when the massage therapist tapped me and said the session was over, I nearly jolted off the table!

  4. Massages are the absolute best thing in the world!! Luckily, our chiropractor has massage therapists, and I can get one once a month or so. I love the deep tissue stuff. Glad you enjoyed yours! πŸ™‚

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