Signed and Sealed!

We did it! Today at 4:30PM my room mate, Britt, and I, signed the lease to the apartment we will be living in starting September 3rd! We are so excited to once again live in NYC (we both attended college at FIT here in the city), as we have both been living at home for a little over a year now. Our apartment is bound to be cozy yet modern and girly, but not frilly! šŸ˜‰

Meet My Room Mate, Britt!

A few things I am looking forward to about living in the city again:
-Drinking coffee and wine on my porch… or just having my own porch (!!!! times a thousand)
-Cooking in my kitchen
-Having a friend around all the time
-Walking to work in 25 minutes rather than taking the bus (Which an hour and twenty minute commute door to door. At least.)
-Discovering new bars and restaurants
-Getting together with friends after work without having to scram so quickly for the bus
-Sharing my ‘new’ life with you guys!

The list definitely goes on.

...Things May Get Silly from Time to Time

I must admit, there were parts of me that were feeling guilty for being so thrilled about my new place. I didn’t even want to tell my grandpa about it, because I didn’t want to make him feel as if I was just leaving him. My grandpa just moved in with us about five weeks ago, right after my grandmother passed away, and he was recently diagnosed with an awful disease that I don’t particularly want to go into. Needless to say, things around here have been rough this Summer. I sort of felt like I needed to down play my happiness about moving into the city because so many of my loved ones are really, really sad.

I talked about this with my mom, and she helped me to understand why I shouldn’t feel guilty about moving, and should only be excited. Actually, it was her happiness that made me feel like it was ‘okay’ to show content and pleased I am with my new apartment. It’s not like I am never going to visit home (I live 40 minute from NYC by car without traffic) or see my grandpa again – I’m merely taking another step forward in the ‘right’ direction for me. It feels good to be able to walk around my house beaming from ear to ear just thinking of how much fun I am going to have and how much less stress I will be dealing with when it comes to commuting! Phew!

Question of the night: Have you ever felt guilty for something you shouldn’t feel guilty for? How do you deal?


17 responses to “Signed and Sealed!

  1. Totally feel you on feel guilty when you shouldn’t! I’m currently in a situation where one could say I’m being majorly taken advantage (monetarily) of and I feel very guilty bringing it up with the person because I have had a relationship with them for years that I don’t want to ruin. In reality, there should be no guilt, but its such an awkward situation now…

    You’re definitely moving in the right direction! I’m sure your Grandpa is happy that you’re happy

    • Ugh I hate awkward situations, but you really can’t let yourself be taken advantage of! Think about a non-confrontational way to maybe bring the situation up to this person, without making him/her feeling as if they are being attacked.

  2. 1. you are amazing.
    2. so happy for you.
    3. you deserve to beam 24/7!!!
    4. i love you.
    5. i miss you.

    post things you find for the apt!!

  3. Congrats Steph; that’s really exciting! That’s awesome that your commute is getting cut so drastically. I only have a 10 minute drive to work, so I can’t even fathom an hour & 20 minutes!

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandpa, Steph. You’re so sweet to care about his feelings so much. I’m sure he just wants you to be happy too, and living in the city will be absolutely amazing. šŸ™‚

  5. Congratulations!! I can definitely understand your guilt feelings. I am just beginning to decide and narrow down on some colleges, and a part of me does not want to look at schools far away because I don’t want my family to miss me. I do a lot for my little brother, and I know he wants me close. I also feel guilty moving away from my grandparents, who won’t be around forever. These are very tough decisions, but I’m so glad to see you are doing what makes YOU happy!

  6. I love your approach to the whole situation! I know it was such a hassle to move for me, but thinking of all of the positive aspects is great! And walking to work is perfect…get some exercise, too! šŸ™‚ I sometimes feel guilty after overindulging in food. Instead, I should use it as motivation…look past the situation and into the future. Can’t wait to see how happy you are at your new place!

    • I also feel guilty after over-eating! Nothing is more burden-laden than that! I’m so excited to show you guys all of my pictures of the apartment along with what I purchase for it šŸ˜‰ My poor credit card..

  7. Congratulations!!! That’s amazing! You SHOULD feel happy, but I do understand about the whole feeling guilty thing. I was looking at a college last summer that was 2 hours away, and I felt SO guilty for leaving my family. Hence why I’m going to the community college instead, I just couldn’t leave my family. šŸ˜›

    • Thank you so much! I am so, so happy but had to kind of get over the twinge of guilty I was feeling. At the end of the day, you have to do what’s best for you and what you are feeling you should do in your gut… just like you did!

  8. I’m so excited and happy for you! You should be elated and you definitely deserve this new apartment! I completely understand how you feel, it’s really hard to not want to leave loved ones but just remember, your grandpa wants you to be happy!

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