Snooki Sprayed

I have something to admit. For some reason deep inside of me, I associate spray tanning with.. umm.. fist pumping, shot taking, Jersey-shore show type people. NOT that I haven’t ever fist pumped (guilty), taken a shot (don’t act like you haven’t), or never ventured to the Jersey shore (um, only an hour and change from my house?). I don’t know what it is, but any sort of faux-tanning seems, well, ‘tacky’ to me? Not only that, but tanning in a bed is just so bad for you! Sometimes I can’t even believe tanning beds still exist..

This past week I had been deliberating on getting a spray tan. I had actually gotten spray tanned two years ago for New Years Eve but that was it. The tan was okay, not great. That being said, this weekend I have a wedding to go to (yeah Tracy and Adam!!) and I was starting to feel somewhat self-conscious of my ‘pastyish’ skin color being that it’s the middle of Summer.

Yes, yes, I hear you, ‘but you have Olive skin!’. I do, but sometimes, I want that extra somethin’. After what was probably too much deliberation, I finally decided that I’d go for the spray tan and hope for the best. Around 7:00 this evening, I stepped foot into the tanning salon, looking like my every day self, ready for my spray tan. By 7:25, I walked out of the salon with an extra pep in my step, and a goofy grin on my face. I love it! It’s a little dark right now, but I’m actually really pleased with how it turned out.

NERD. Like I said. I’m a nerd, dork, you name it 😉 but that’s okay. Anyway, the woman who did my spray said the color will fade a bit over night and the end result will look as if I have been vacationing for 2-3 days. Fine by me!

Question of the Night: Have you ever spray tanned? Did you like how it looked?


18 responses to “Snooki Sprayed

  1. I’ve gotten a couple spray tans in my time… and they turned out very well! I was shocked.. They do seem a bit tacky.

    • I think depending on how dark (or orange) you go, a spray tan can become tacky! Although I am pleased to say that I am happy with how mine turned out. Let’s see if some of the intensity wears off over night…

  2. Haha…oh spray tanning. I wish I could show you a picture from my last competition. I looked like a freshly stained picnic bench I was so dark. Other than my competitions, I’ve never been actual spray tanning. Glad you liked the experience, I’ll keep this in mind through the winter 🙂

  3. I think spray tanning is a great way to get a fast tan and for the most part, it looks natural. I think some people overdo it and look orange. I’m guilty of that too, back in my younger days 🙂

  4. Yes! I got a spray tan two years ago for my now-sister-in-law’s wedding. I wasn’t too thrilled with it… it was really streaky on my legs! But I was in a booth; I feel like there would be different results if a person was actually applying it!

    • I think you would be much happier if someone sprayed you as well. I was sprayed by an employee with an airbrushing machine and my whole body is evenly coated (that sounds weird haha!).

  5. Too scared to try it…be careful don’t wear white tomorrow(or tonight)!! Hooray for our wedding!! See you very very soon 🙂

  6. It DOES look pretty good in terms of not being ‘fake’ looking.

    I don’t know when having white skin became so shameful though.

    I’m okay with my whiteness… It’s just a color. 🙂 Nothing to feel bad about.

    • I’m not so sure if having lighter skin is ‘shameful’ I think it’s more that people like the feeling of having a touch of color during the Summer months! But it all comes down to preference 🙂

  7. Your spray tan looks amazing! It will fade once you shower too, but make sure you don’t exfoliate until it starts to look “old” though. I have experienced a spray tan multiple times, with different results each time. Once I got a deal on Groupon for a spray tan at Sundara and they gave me abs! I’ve come to love them, as long as you exfoliate before, but I must admit I get so nervous 🙂

    • I’m planning to shower tomorrow around 9:00AM.. so that will give me a solid 13 hours before touching water! Thanks for the tips 🙂 I did exfoliate before the spray–I actually think it made a huge difference.

  8. Hehehe you are too cute 😀 You’re gonna rock that tan like no other. Andd yesss olive people can feel pale too lol. I know what you mean! I got a spray tan once… back in 10th grade before a homecoming. It was definitely a huge difference from my skin tone at the time, but it looked awesome against my bright turquoise dress.


  9. I have never done it, but I think that they look more natural now than they used to. They aren’t as “orange” as they used to be.

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