Moving Updates

Ummmm did any of you on the North-East coast feel the earth quake?? I certainly did! Around 1:50, my co-workers and I were totally stunned/scared/shocked when our building started swaying pretty badly. It felt as if I was on a really rocky ship! One of my co-workers immediately took to Twitter to see what was going on, and sure enough, New York amongst other states was experiencing an earth quake. I believe the magnitude was 5.8 or 5.9? Either way it was scary stuff and I guess it could have been a lot worse! Also, I love Twitter and all, but Twittering during an earth quake?? Not my thing. Maybe after the ‘quake. Geez. I hope everyone that experienced this is okay.

Okay onto happier things! The past week has been dedicated to my move to NYC. So far everything is coming together so nicely! Britt and I have a lot of the items we need and luckily, we are moving over Labor Day Weekend, so we get the extra Monday to sleep in and fix up around the apartment. I’m getting more and more thrilled by the minute. The slightest chill in the air means Fall in NYC and I cannot think of a better way to start a new beginning than during my favorite season!

Here are a few of the items that I have purchased for my new abode:

This Gorgeous Clock from Pier 1

A Mirrored Drawer! See mah legs? Haha 😛

Mirrored Night Stand to Match

Love this Lamp! (Courtesy of Pier 1)

Are WE Moving, Mom..?

The NINJA Blender (hey, it was only $99!)

I’m so pleased with all of my purchases! In my dream world, I would have a VitaMix blender for all of my blending desires, but for now, my $99 blender will have to do. I can’t really justify spending $500 on a blender even though I reallllyyyyy want it. Ah, well, can’t win ’em all folks 😉

I also joined my new gym today, New York Sports Club (NYSC)! I am pumped to belong to a new gym in NYC and can’t wait to get into a new workout routine. Things are going pretty well if you ask me!

I’m off to have a VitaTop and flip through this year’s Vogue September Issue 🙂 Goodnight!

Question of the Night: Have you ever experienced an earthquake or natural disaster? Also, on a much lighter note, which gym do you belong to (if you belong to a gym)–and do you like it?


15 responses to “Moving Updates

  1. i cant bring myself to purchase a vitamix either but oh the things we could do with one!

  2. I go to a gym by my house and I love it. They have all the weight equipment you can ever need!

  3. I love ALL of the stuff you bought…I think we have very similar tastes. 🙂

    I don’t go to a gym anymore. I used to belong to a gym and work there too, but now I’m into the home workout thing!

  4. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Congrats on the move (and on the Ninja blender!)

    Being from Florida, I’ve felt my fair share of hurricanes. No bueno 😦

  5. I have had my eye on a Ninja for a while…trying to save up for one (or see what Santa has in store!)

    I am glad you are getting excited for your big move! I belong to Planet Fitness, but did belong to Washington Sports Club last summer (I think they are run by the same people as New York). It was a nice gym and I loved that they offered classes and multiple locations!

  6. I was one of the few who didn’t feel anything yesterday. The guys said my chair is too soft.
    This was about my 4th earthquake. The biggest one experienced when I was in college. The walls of the sorority house started shaking and I was terrified I’d be crushed by all the garbage on the walls by my bed.

  7. OK, so I have that Ninja and LOVE IT! Also, I have the other piece to that mirror set…it’s a jewelry armoire! I love that whole set, it’s gorgeous!

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