Hey Guys! Sorry I wasn’t able to post last night, I was busy seeing my brand new apartment! Britt and I are so excited and can’t believe we are moving by the end of this week. I did make sure to take pictures for you guys which I will post either later or this weekend! But I promise you will see them within the next day or two 🙂

Let’s start the day with a part of my horoscope that I think anyone can relate to..

‘The art of surrender isn’t easy, but you’re getting plenty good at it.’… I love this quote so much. I used to resist almost everything in my life – this was during a time when I wasn’t comfortable with myself at all. Within the last year, I have become better and better at ‘going with the flow’ and sort of letting life fall into place in it’s own way. It isn’t easy to give up control, but sometimes it’s necessary.

Have a good Friday! It’s the weekend (hurricane, what?!).

Quote: Have you ever had a ‘control’ issue? How were you able to let it go?


4 responses to “Surrender

  1. I am the biggest control freak I know (!) but I was forced to relenquish some control during wedding planning. It’s impossible to do everything on your own!

  2. I have to plan everything and know what is going to be happening at all minutes in my life. If things don’t go “according to plan” I feel really antsy and frustrated and usually get angry. Blah I am working on it though!

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