I’m singing in the… Parking Lot?

Hey, guys! How did those of you on the East coast make out with Irene? Even though I’m over Irene and all of her nonsense, I am truly grateful that everything around my area and house turned out just fine. We are now experiencing some pretty high winds, but I have to say that this is as bad as it’s gotten.

Strange story for you–after the rain ended (around 12:00PM this afternoon) my mom and I decided to go for a walk. We both wanted coffee, so our walk took us to Starbucks. Well, the parking lot of Starbucks is pretty low, and upon arriving, we realized that the parking lot was totally flooded. Not only that, but there were a few people swimming in the parking lot! Swimming. In the parking lot. A-That’s gross; the water was brown and muddy. B-who double dog dared you to do that? C-Is it necessary to wear a full on wet suit in a parking lot filled with hurricane water? Maybe I sound a bit… un-amused? But seriously people, that’s just gross.

Moving right along. Prior to heading out on my walk, this morning was filled with a pretty awesome at-home workout. It didn’t consist of anything fancy, but after I found this on Julie’s blog, I wanted to give it a go!

The Tone It Up girls! While I don’t follow the Tone It Up diet plan (even though it sounds pretty reasonable.. and the results are totally true) I do love to do some of their workouts every now and then. Karena and Katrina have some butt-kicking moves and by the end of one circuit, I’m totally huffin’ and puffin’. Not attractive, but effective!

Once I’m in my new apartment, I can’t wait to do more Tone It Up workouts after a long work day. Going to the gym will be great for mornings, but there are some evenings where I want to do just a little bit more… this is definitely it!

During my workout, I watched some QVC (hey, my mom was in the room) and guess what was being sold?? My beloved VITAMIX!! I know I mentioned to you the other day about how much I wanted a Vitamix but the issue of it being $500 was just a wee bit over my budget. Okay so more than a wee-bit. The best news ever?? It was being sold on QVC for $363.00!! I totally realize that this is still a huge amount of money for a blender, but I really couldn’t believe that it was only $363.00. I have seen them go for $500 and $550.

So, during my awesome workout, I decided to take the plunge and purchase the Vitamix! WITH the help of my mother. I can’t believe how lucky I am! Without my mom it would not have been possible to even dream of purchasing the blender of my dreams ❤ 🙂

I see many home made nut butters, soups, shakes, and smoothies in my new apartment future!! All in all? An awesome way to spend a hurricane day! (Yes I just rhymed). Now I'm off to eat some sushi and watch some truly educational Sunday night TV (VMA's, Jersey Shore, RHONJ, Kardashian's… how will I be able to prioritize!?).

Question of the Night: What are you looking forward to watching on TV tonight?


11 responses to “I’m singing in the… Parking Lot?

  1. Haha wow, how random about Sbux! Weird.

    I’m soo jealous of your Vitamix!! I want one SO badly!

  2. Ahh, ew about the parking lot swimming. We didn’t get hit hard in my town in NH, but the news was showing people going swimming in the friggin huuuuge surf. Ummm rip tides much? Not smart.

    Jealous of your impending ownership of a Vitamix!!! Can I come over and blend thinggggggs? 🙂 haha kidding. kind of…

  3. Some people are weird! GROSS! Ahhhh and I am so jealous of your Vitamix!!! I can’t wait to hear about the things you make!! Oh, and I def want to try out those Tone it Up workouts!

  4. I’ve been DYING to take the plunge on a Vitamix but they are super expensive. It’s funny you got sucked in while working out and through the TV. I’ve learned never to watch a shopping network while working out. If I did, I’d soon be featured on “Hoarders”.

  5. Ew! I’m all for making the best of situations.. but that is disgusting!

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