Moving Madness

Good Morning! I apologize that I was not able to post last night. After work, my mom and I hauled a bunch of my things into the new apartment. It took a lot of work, but will make my life easier come this Saturday (my official move in day). Even though we were tired by the end of the moving, our stomach’s told us it was dinner time, so we went to a pretty good place across the street. I’ll have more details for you tonight, but for now it’s time for work!

Have a great day!

Question of the day: If you could go on any vacation, anywhere in the world, RIGHT NOW, where would you go?


7 responses to “Moving Madness

  1. oh good luck settling in love! hope it all goes smoothly 🙂

    hmmm i would have to say anywhere hot…just because the weather is cloudy, foggy, and a tad cool…so Greece or Fiji ❤

  2. Somewhere with a beach! I’m thinking a tropical island.. or somewhere interesting in Europe! I agree with Kelsey on the Greece idea!

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  4. Ohhhh – Italy or Greece.

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