Hi there πŸ™‚ How was your day? It’s kind of weird how we started the work week on a Tuesday yet this week seems to be going so slowly… anyone with me? To liven things up a bit, I went to a really cute restaurant after work with a few friends. It seems like I hadn’t hung out with Meredith, Jaimie, and Juliet it forever!

Jaimie picked out our restaurant, Penelope, and I instantly fell in love. The interior was so cozy and homey–think wooden chairs and benches, waitresses in plaid skirts, and dim candle light scattered throughout the restaurant which created an old world sort of feel.

The menu was really fantastic. The food was simple with sophisticated twists throughout; ‘Arugula with Warm Chicken Meatballs’, ‘Turtle Cove Lobster Roll’, and ‘Warm Brie and Green Apple Sandwich’ to name a few. After some picture taking..

Mer and Jaimie

Juliet and I

…it was time to order! I went with the “When Veggie Met Sally” Salad which consisted of ‘chopped greens with red onion, grilled veggie burger, and green apple tossed with goat cheese in a roasted garlic balsamic vinaigrette‘. The salad also came with two pieces of Artisan bread. While my meal was pretty darn delicious, for some reason I wasn’t totally satisfied afterwards. I felt that maybe the salad needed a lil’ something more… pecans? craisins? Something.

I was so happy to hang out with my friends and definitely hope to be able to see them more often now that I live in the city!

Before signing off, make sure you enter my Cascadian Farm Give Away!! I am choosing a winner tomorrow night (Thursday).

Question of the Night: Have you ever left a restaurant feeling unsatisfied and actually wanting to munch on something else?

12 responses to “Penelope

  1. i totally agree with the needed more to it……i wanted a mega salad like Grand Lux! LOVES U<3

  2. The chicken meatballs are my FAVORITE there! The hummus is really good too. OH! And they have a yummy brunch (cough nutella french toast cough).

  3. I definitely have left a place thinking: No bueno – I’m hungry! However, this also could have to do with the fact that I probably could consume a hell of a lot more than I should consume. Penelope looks super cute though – and you and your friends are gorrrg!

  4. All the time!! It freak me out too…cause I just ate a bunch and I’m still hungry?!

  5. Pretty pretty girls! There have been a few times when I order salads and don’t feel completely satisfied.

    Oh, and on a side note, my little hamster is named Penelope hahaha

  6. All the time! That’s one reason I don’t like going out to eat..I know I’ll leave unsatisfied and eat later anyway. It never fails!

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