A Taste of Home

Happy Sunday to you! How was your weekend? Sorry I didn’t post Friday or Saturday–I took the bus back to my parents’ house on Friday evening after work to go to a close friends graduation party on Saturday. Pics of that in one second! A quick word on not using the computer for two days straight–it felt strange. Which I think may be a bad thing. I sort of felt as if I was missing something.. on the other hand, it may be a good thing because I just love sharing everyday things with you all! Eh, just somethin’ to think about 😉

As soon as I arrived home, I gave my little puppies a big, big squeeze. I miss them soooo much when I am in the city.

Sleepy Mopsey

Spanky Couldn't Stop Blinking!

Also as soon as I arrived home, I couldn’t seem to stop eating sweets and carby foods. This went on from Friday night up until after the graduation party on Saturday night. To counter-act my ‘damage’, I decided to hit up the gym this morning for a good, sweaty workout. The workout consisted of a three mile run and ten minute walk on the treadmill along with many crunches and a pretty intense leg routine which included 100 squats–Julie gave me this idea! Hope I can walk tomorrow 😉

Let’s get to the main reason why I went home.. the graduation party! My friend, Jill, and I have been friends since kindergarten. She is seriously one of the hardest workers ever–AKA she has always maintained honors during high school/college along with regularly keeping at least one or two jobs. This December, she is graduating with her Masters and I couldn’t be more happy for her!

The party was held in Jill’s backyard, with tons of catered food (totally didn’t take pics of the food, my bad!), an open bar, and a band (her dad is in a band! Needless to say, he’s an awesome man).

The Band

My Mom and Dad

Myself and Jill

It was such a nice night and so many people came out to celebrate Jill’s amazing accomplishments.

This afternoon, it was time to head back to the city. My dad came by to help Britt and I set up our TV–once he left, we decided to keep re-arranging the TV room to make it look more ‘homey’. And Homey it feels! I can’t believe the difference in our ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures.



🙂 🙂

I bought us some flowers at Trader Joe’s to add a little touch of nature to the room. Ugh, I just love my new place! Now I’m off to relax and do a few Sunday night prep thaaangs (iron, make lunch, RHONJ, yadda yadda..). Have a great night!

P.S — Please stop by The Actors Diet to check out my guest post, ‘My Favorite Things’!!

Question of the Night: Do you ever go carb-crazy? Or do you tend to ‘OD’ on other types of food?

17 responses to “A Taste of Home

  1. I love your apartment! It looks very homey & welcoming. I’m moving into my first apartment in about 2 weeks and can’t wait!

    I totally go carb-crazy every once in a while (usually on weekends!). This weekend, I was good up until today when I managed to consume an inordinate amount of leftover Ghiradelli brownies from last night! Yikes! I’m sure an early morning gym sesh will make me feel better, and counteract SOME of the calories, at least …. 🙂

  2. I love your apartment! It looks so warm & homey. I am moving into my first apartment in about 2 weeks, as I just started my first “real world” job and am so excited about it!

    I totally go carb-crazy on occasion. I think it happens to the best of us. This weekend I was good up until today- when I ate an inordinate amount of leftover Ghiradelli brownies from last night! Yikes. I’m sure an early morning gym session will burn off SOME of the cals- or at least make me feel better mentally!

  3. Wow! A little bit of rearranging went a long way! 🙂

  4. Your dogs are so cute!

    That looks like a totally different apartment! It looks really great!

    I don’t tend to overdo it on carbs… sweets are my thing!

  5. Wow!! The room looks great Steph! I LOVE those lamps!

    I’ve definitely had my fair share of carb crazy moments…my kryptonite is baked goods…hence the reason that although I may pin the heck out of some recipes, I rarely ever do any baking! I swear, if it’s IN the house, I can’t resist the urge to take a nibble…and then a bite…and then a slice! Haha!

  6. What a weekend.
    I def. go carb crazy. It usually hits a day after a long run. GIVE ME BREAD!

  7. The new place is looking great! Glad you got to spend time with your family…always an amazing time! And I go carb crazy all of the time…cereals and pretzels are my absolute weaknesses!

  8. Um, I’m pretty sure I go carb-crazy every day! Your pups are adorable!

  9. Oh that sounds awesome!! All of it 😀 I hear you on the sans computer feeling. I didn’t have a computer for about three months once, and I got so used to it. It was hard to go back to using a computer. I just didn’t feel like I had so many strings attached when I was without a computer. You know what I mean? A lot “free-er”. Anyway, your place is looking so wonderful! It really looks like a home 😀 (fyi I’m actually moving to New York like… this week lol).

    Hmm as for your question. I usually don’t have intense cravings, but sometimes I just feel like having something… like I’ll want seaweed (that’s been a recent one… random but I like it lol)… or I want fresh and spicy 🙂 that’ll probably be changing though soon as the weather changes. My hot tea habit will definitely still be in full effect though lol. And hot chocolate 🙂



  10. Thank you 😀 I’m flying in today actually!


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