Happy Sunday Morning! This is another weekend that went quickly. At least we have the rest of Sunday to enjoy, no? I went out last night for my friend Jenn and Ashley’s birthday, which I’ll show in a post later on, but I wanted to talk about a topic that has been weighing heavily on my mind–even if it really shouldn’t be taking up so much space in my thoughts. The topic? Exercise and eating.

Since I was about 16 years old, I made the conscious decision to be the healthiest person I possibly could. It suited my lifestyle, personality, and who I wanted to become. At the time, I needed to shed a few pounds, and as I’ve told you before, I took things too far. Maybe it’s because so many things are happening in my life right now, but I have recently been thinking about the ‘old me’ when I was insanely driven to look my best and work out as often as possible versus the ‘new me’ who has probably gone through 10 different stages since then and is still working on herself. The new me feels something different about exercise and eating right each day. It’s something I’m passionate about and spend a lot of time thinking about.

Just a little Squat action

But sometimes I think I spend too much time thinking about eating right/exercise and feeling guilty for probably no reason. Sometimes, I forget to just have fun and relax a bit. Since moving to the city, I’ve been trying to catch up on A LOT of sleep I lost for the year that I commuted. I find myself choosing extra sleep over the extra workout. I also find myself eating out a bit more with friends, having the extra drink, and getting my 16 handles on every now and then.

The biggest hurdle for me is to not look back at the ‘old me’ and feel so bad that I can’t be as vigilant. I don’t even know if I want to be as vigilant. I’m in my early 20’s living in the best city in the world, and I don’t think I can afford to count every calorie or record every workout. This isn’t to say I’m going hog-wild–I still kick some butt at the gym and choose grilled tilapia over baked mac and cheese as my meal about 70% of the time, but the other 30% involves going out, being young, and trying to just enjoy myself. For someone who likes to be on top of everything and have ‘all her ducks in a row’, this can be pretty challenging, but so far it’s been nice to just enjoy myself a bit more, whether that be a night out with my girl friends or indulging in some fantastic reality TV.

There’s my little Sunday food for thought. Talk to you all tonight!

Question of the Day: Have you ever gone in and out of phases when it comes to exercise or eating right? How do you adjust or balance to what fits your lifestyle at the time?


8 responses to “Changes

  1. This is a great post! I can definitely relate with the phases! My phases with exercise are the worst. I am so sporadic! But I figure hey, I cannot be perfect all the time, so why try to be?

    You should not feel guilty about the extra indulgences here and there 🙂 I think that makes a healthy lifestyle. As long as you are still taking care of your health (which you definitely are) for the majority of the time, you are still doing wonderful things for your body ! 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the pep-talk! I think at times we can all use one… I fully agree that if you are taking good care of yourself a majority of the time, you should be able to really enjoy yourself the rest of it!

  2. This post is very close to my heart, because I feel my workouts and dietary habits are forever changing. Sometimes, when I splurge I feel so guilty.. but have to remind myself I work out (most of the time… on a avg 3x/week) and try my best to eat healthily. I’ve realized what is healthiest for me, is to stop the stressing, live life and eat healthy most of the time. I still have my daily struggles about exercise and eating guilts but I have to push through and realize I’d rather eat that last spoonful of cookies n cream froyo than to deprive myself.

    • I think sometimes we need to be kinder to ourselves and push through our struggles knowing that we have to be our own friends, too. It’s important to be nice to yourself! 😀

  3. My weight has yoyo-ed so much in the past few years. I am trying to get back down to my happy weight and keep consistently doing the right things to my body to keep it that way. What a struggle it is turning out to be!!

  4. Good for you! I’m currently training for a half marathon and devote a lot of time to working out. Although I feel great physically and very healthy, I do reminisce a bit and think back to days when I didn’t care so much. After the half, I’m going to loosen up the reigns a bit. Life, friends, and fun is more important than whole grains and dumbbells : )

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