Thank You

Oh my gosh, you guys are beyond amazing. I probably cannot thank you enough or tell you enough how much I appreciate your messages, comments, texts, and calls after yesterday’s post. What happened to me really broke me down for a second, but as always, this blog, my little bit of space, and all of you, helped me to mend quicker than ever and realize that one comment doesn’t define who I am. Hearing the same comment, “you’re so fat”, “you’re ugly”, “you’re so thin”, can actually make a person start to believe these things being said to them.

This is so wrong. We aren’t defined by what others think of us, we are defined by who we want to be, our morals, what makes us laugh, what makes us happy. Sometimes the world gets really over-whelming and sometimes our own negative thoughts become overwhelming too. I had a moment of complete sadness and humiliation. Everything felt unfair and I felt alone. I realize that I let a stranger’s words completely destroy me–but the words he used had a history with me.

Two of my good friends, Rebecca and Maya, are examples of people who are so at ease with themselves that when they enter a room, you can tell they just feel good. No matter if they are up a couple pounds, down a couple pounds, have a fantastic shade of lipstick on, or are having a bad hair day, both of these special ladies know how to shine. They take what they have and they work with it–and they work well with it. Because they feel good, they look good. I aspire to feel as comfortable in my own skin as they do.

Me & Rebecca

Me & Maya

So tomorrow we’ll get back to some happy posts, but I appreciate your hanging in there with me the past couple of days. You are all the absolute best. This blog and StephSnacks readers continue to be my little happy space, and I thank you so much for letting me share everything and anything with you.

Have a great night!

Question of the Night: Is there anyone in your life you look up to? Who and why?


3 responses to “Thank You

  1. I agree 100% ! This should def be changed!

  2. aw I def look up to maya too! and YOU for keeping up with this amazing blog! 🙂

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