What’s Happening To My Skin?

Do you ever look in the mirror and think, ‘when are the breakouts going to stop?’, or, ‘wait–is that another pimple I see?’. I think we’ve all been there and have gone through this type of situation. Over the past month or so, I have had a couple people ask me about why, in their 20’s, are they suddenly facing a change in their skin and does it have something to do with what they eat?


Obviously I am not a dermatologist whatsoever, but I have my degree in Cosmetic and Fragrance Marketing and, as you know, am incredibly interested in eating nutritious foods so I feel I can offer some advice in this area. If you’re really suffering with your skin and have tried a few different remedies/over the counter products, I suggest consulting a dermatologist for professional information. The below advice is from my own studies and trial & error.

The skin is a very, very sensitive part of your body; not only that, but it is the biggest organ on your body. The skin on your face, especially, suffers from a lot of different targets. Some of these include hormones, stress, heredity, change in weather, alcohol, and smoking. Also–when’s the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes or washed your pillow cases? Unfortunately, tons of bacteria harbors in these areas. At times, food can be a culprit of acne or breakouts. You need to put nutritious, real food into your body in order to see what you want on the outside.

I, myself, believe that too many processed foods (100 calorie packs, granola bars, even diet sodas), cause a flare up in my breakouts and acne. I don’t know for a fact that eating the above foods results in acne, but I can definitely tell from my face when I’ve had one too many packaged foods.

Luckily, there are certain foods/drinks you can eat that may put your skin at ease, depending on what you’re suffering from. One of these food groups includes probiotics–probiotics are a ‘good’ type of organism which, when eaten regularly, have been shown to reduce acne. You can get your dose of probiotics through yogurt, miso soup, and chocolate (sign me up!). Check out more ways to get your fill of probiotics here.

Omega 3, 6, and healthy fats also help to maintain healthy, supple skin, as well as reduce inflammation. Eating omega’s and healthy fats couldn’t be easier to do–they can be found in salmon, any type of nut (walnuts, almonds, etc..), eggs, and pine nuts.

Anti-oxidants are a major source of nutritional benefits for skins’ renewal. The skin, basically, ‘sheds’ the old layers of skin (I know it kind of sounds gross) and generates new skin in order to keep the skin soft and plump. This process happens more often than we think, and anti-oxidants help this process to keep kickin’! Easy ways to get your serving of these in are through dark berries–think blueberries, raspberries, strawberries–and green tea.

Lastly, if you’re suffering quite often from breakouts, acidic foods are a sure way to help cleanse out your system. Instead of regular water, drink yours with lemon or lime. Have an orange each day. It’s as simple as that!

I really hope this helps–feel free to email me at StephSnacks@gmail.com for any other advice 🙂

Question of the Night: Do you have any advice for foods you eat that keep your skin at bay? Or foods that clear your skin up? When you eat poorly, do you see a change in your skin?


10 responses to “What’s Happening To My Skin?

  1. Yes! You can always tell when I ate a greasy meal. It’s written all over my chin. I never broke out in high school or college but now I do. I guess I’m a late bloomer?

    • Everyone’s skin reacts different to certain types of food.. yours happens to be greasy foods! And I actually hear a lot of people say they break out now rather than when they were in high school.

  2. you can also try chlorophyll supplements. it helps detoxify your system, can get them in capsule or liquid form (its kinda hard to drink). wheatgrass as well, although its very expensive to drink fresh, ive tried the wheatgrass in capsule form and after a month i did notice my skin was a little better. you can get these at any health food or vitamin store.

  3. go get one at jamba juice, theyre expensive but the benefits are endless.

  4. Great advice, Steph! You’re in such an interesting field…I don’t think I know anyone else with your background. I can definitely tell when I’ve been eating more processed foods…pure ick.

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