Hello hello! This WIAW is going to go a bit quicker than usual due to the fact that Britt and I have a dodgeball game tonight! That’s right–you heard correct, Britt and I joined a dodgeball league just for fun. We are playing every Wednesday for the next four weeks. I’m pretty pumped! I’ll definitely let you guys know how my first game went tomorrow.

Let’s get rollin’ to another WIAW! As always, kudos to Jenn!

Breakfast was super delish:

This lovely mix consisted of the following:
-1/2 cup low fat pineapple cottage cheese mixed with a 45-calorie Vanilla Activia
-about 2 tsp. Chia seeds
-a handful of Blueberry Special K
-1/2 sliced banana
-1 tbsp Cinnamon Raisin Swirl PB (uh-MAZ-eeeng)

Lunch was a random little mix that I threw together the night before:

-Plain tofu
-About 1/4 piece Whole Wheat Stonefire Naan bread
-2 tbsp guacamole
-fresh red peppers, chopped
-1 cube Laughing Cow Cheese

And of course I room for a teeny piece of dessert:

I took this from my parents house last time I was home–they stocked up for Halloween!

A couple hours later I was a tad hungry, so I had a 110 calorie bag of Trader Joes Kettle Corn (and another 1/4 piece of Stonefire Naan bread, as the kettle corn didn’t exactly fulfill my hunger pangs).

Now it’s almost time to go to dodgeball so I’m having a protein bar before I run around all over the place!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! 🙂

Question of the Night: Have you ever played sports for fun?? Which sport?


17 responses to “WIAW

  1. Looks good Steph!

    I’ve never done any sports teams just for fun. I’m horrible at sports!

  2. I have always HATED dodgeball!!! But I am also a wimp and always got picked last for teams 😦 hahaha But I would love to join a sport like a volleyball team or something. Though I am pretty crappy but oh well! Can’t wait to hear about the game!

  3. Good luck at the game! I recently tried that TJs popcorn…it’s very tasty! But doesn’t hold me over too well

  4. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    I used to live on the Pure Protein bars, but lately just haven’t been feeling them as much. Have you ever tried the shakes? They are pretty good!

    • You know what, I don’t really eat them that much, but figured they’d be great for a pre-dodgeball ‘snack/small meal’. They’re pretty good. I have tried the shakes and like them even more than the bars!

  5. Good luck at the game! I recently tried that TJs popcorn…it’s very tasty! But doesn’t hold me over too well!

  6. Dodgeball was my favorite thing in gym glass. So fun that you get to play it “big kid” style 🙂

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  8. do they sell krackel as bars? i think i’ve ONLY eaten them mini!

  9. love the pure protein bars!

  10. Hi Steph! Thanks for the shout out. Check out our Garlic flavor, it’s yummy 🙂

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