So remember how yesterday I mentioned that Britt and I joined a dodge ball team? Well our first game took place last night and we had an absolute blast. I had plenty of images of this in my head:

Who Doesn't Love This Movie??


I definitely went into this thinking, ‘ehh it’ll be a few chill people just playing dodge ball as if we are in 6th grade gym class’. Not. At. All. These people were friggen HARD CORE! As soon as Britt and I walked into the gymnasium, we looked at each other as if we were deer in headlights and immediately started hysterically laughing out of nerves.

‘I can’t do this! I can’t do this!’ Brittany shrieked.
‘Britt! We’re here! We have to do this!’ I shrieked back. (Meanwhile I’m basically crapping my pants while telling her this…. sorry I know that was kind of gross).

But seriously, we were SO scared. During our mini panic attacks, a couple of the guys on our team walked into the gym and started to give us some pointers which helped us to relax a bit.

Then the first game started. And my nerves started kicking in even more. But, after a couple of minutes, I started really getting into it! I was shocked! No one was pelting the ball at me, I wasn’t really running from the ball–I was actually attempting to catch it, and Britt was getting into it, too. It was so much fun to just play and be care free and be on a team. It was fantastic.

I was a bit apprehensive at first, but I’m so incredibly glad that I joined this team. I already can’t wait for the game next week!

Question of the Night: Have you ever been apprehensive to do something and decided to go for it? What was the situation?


4 responses to “Dodgeball

  1. AHh that sound pretty intense! I used to be so hard-core with games and sports like this when I was younger…not as much anymore though 😦 time to get back into it!

  2. This sounds so fun! I am glad you enjoyed it and got over the initial intensity! Can’t wait to hear about next time!

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