Whatsup there friends? How was your day? I hope it was filled with all good thangs! Speaking of good things, have you signed up yet for the Stonefire Naan Give Away I’m hosting?? Make sure you do! I will pick a winner this Thursday!

Onto another NYC restaurant review — this past Sunday night, I went downtown to a restaurant called August to celebrate my dear friend John’s birthday. It was a night filled with a few good friends and some yummy food.

As soon as I walked into August, I absolutely loved the cozy and intimate setting.

So romantical.

Once seated, we ordered a round of drinks (a glass of red wine for me) and reviewed the menu for a little bit. I wasn’t super hungry, so I decided to go for two appetizers instead of an entree. To start, I ordered the ‘Mixed Lettuces’. Yep, you got it, it was basically a plate of mixed lettuce in your average balsamic dressing. I wasn’t really impressed, but then again, it was pretty much only lettuce. Not worth the $10, but hey, what are you gonna do?

The next appetizer I ordered was the Hamachi tartare which was served with Asian Pear, Lemon Cream, and Raddish Sprout. What it didn’t tell me on the menu was that the tartare was also served with a little bit of chili powder. Honestly, the chili powder was crazy good with this combination. Since the tartare was filled with pretty light ingredients, the chili gave a good punch.

That being said, I could have eaten three more of these.

Then it was time to sing Happy Birthday!

Bday Boy

Happy Birthday wishes to you, John. You’re the best friend a girl could ask for and I am so lucky to know you!

Have a wonderful night all 🙂

Question of the Night: Has anyone watched ‘One Upon A Time Yet’ on ABC? I’m not usually a fan of these types of shows, but I’m really enjoying this one!


8 responses to “August

  1. I wanna see that show SO badly!
    I hate when restaurants charge you an arm and a leg for salads…seriously, it’s insane!

  2. What a great night, happy birthday to John 🙂
    And YESSS I do love that show! It’s so bad and good at the same time haha

  3. Steph I have been really enjoying Once Upon A Time too!!! I also think it’s something I wouldn’t like but I love the way they blend the past and present!

  4. My boyfriend and his roommate are both chefs, and his roommate always says “I can’t wait to own a restaurant that has a $10 salad. I’m gonna call it ‘F’ing $10 Salad’.. and everyone will buy it” haha.

    Happy birthday to John!

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