Day 2

Well, today started off with me trying to put my ‘tough’ face on. I went into work feeling like crap, but figured if I stayed quiet, took advil, and drank enough water, I’d feel better. This was not the case. Luckily for me, around 11:00 AM, my boss took one look at me and said ‘get the heck out of here’, I was very grateful. I went straight home, with only one pit stop to Trader Joes for a couple things I needed including tea for my sore throat. Wah! (Snooki-style, of course).

While there, I was able to pick up a couple new to me items:

Sounds Yummy!

Impressive Stats


Side Note: A lady in Trader Joes saw me eyeing the Pumpkin Cream Cheese and she definitely noticed that I couldn’t reach it… I’m 5 feet tall. I was debating on asking her for help, but figured I’d save myself the ‘I’m a short person’ embarrassment and just get home. Kindly enough, she took one look at my pathetic, sick-looking self and said, ‘here you go’, while handing me the cream cheese. Thanks so much lady! A little kindness goes such a long way, peeps.

Once cuddled in my bed, I fell fast asleep for two hours, which is incredibly rare for me. I never fall asleep in the middle of the day. I’m not a nap person. Wish I was, but nah. The nap worked wonders though–while I still have a buzz in my ears and my nose is runny, I’m definitely feeling better. Drakin’ tons of tea, ‘Pinteresting’, and watching TV should work its magic:

And now, I’ll leave you with a splendid picture:

Spanky Makes like he Doesn't Love me..

See ya later!

Question of the Night: Are you a nap person? I wish I could say that I am..


5 responses to “Day 2

  1. Aww I hope you feel better. I’m not much of a nap person, but when I’m sick I take tons of naps- sleeping helps you get better!

  2. Yay for your boss letting you go early!:) Hope you feel better, girl!

  3. Oh no!! I hope you feel better…being sick is such a damper on life! I hope the rest and relaxation helps!

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