Employees Only

Hey hey! Sorry I didn’t get around to my ‘Weekend Re-Cap’ last night. This past weekend was so jam-packed, I was absolutely exhausted by the end and just wanted to watch the American Music Awards, which was pretty… interesting. What were your thoughts?

During my busy weekend, I was able to have one of the most delicious dinners ever with my friend Rebecca. She and I hadn’t been able to get together in a while, so a dinner filled with good food and catching up was something we were both looking forward to. We decided to check out Employees Only, a popular restaurant/bar downtown. Our reservations were for 8:30 and the place was super packed once we arrived. The restaurant is pretty retro; bringing you back to the 1920’s and 30’s with dark wooden walls and old fashioned cocktails.

Once seated, Rebecca and I each ordered a glass of Rose wine:


Enjoying my wine πŸ™‚

Prior to going to Employees Only, Rebecca and I had already looked at the menu online (foodie-geeks) and pretty much knew what we wanted to order. The first dish we went for was the Steak Tartar:

They prepped it in front of us!

The steak tartar was served with crostini and a mixed green salad. Not only was it pretty cool that the meal was prepared right in front of us, but the tartar was absolutely delicious. I’m not really a red meat type of person, I’d rather have a veggie burger, however, I was completely enamored by the tartar. Served atop the crostini, it was even better.

Next up? My favorite dish of all three, the Mussels and Squid:

I’m about to come out with a maja’ statment, but this was one of my most favorite dishes I’ve ever had in the city. The combination of seafood, the roasted cherry tomato vinaigrette, and polenta fritter made for an explosion of flavors. I’ll definitely be back to Employees Only for the Mussels and Squid.

Lastly, we ordered the Duck Confit salad:

I’ve only had duck a couple of times, and I enjoyed it just as much as I remembered. It kind of tastes like a really tender chicken. There were bits of granola sprinkled throughout the salad, which was a surprisingly enjoyable ingredient in such a savory dish.

I wanted to pass on dessert but Rebecca said, ‘Uh, no way!’, so of course dessert ensued:

Butterscotch & Marscapone Cheesecake

OMMGGGGGG. Yes I just said that. Okay, I’ll admit that I only took a couple bites (I should have had more) but this dessert was insane! Light, sweet, salty (there was a bit of sea salt), it was everything you could ever ask for in a dessert and was a great end to a fantastic meal.

Afterwards, Rebecca and I met up with some friends for a night out:

Now I’m off to watch some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

Question of the Night: If you could have any dessert, what would it be?


6 responses to “Employees Only

  1. This looks like an awesome restaurant! It’s really hard to pick one dessert… hmmm I’d probably go for a piece of cake with really sugary frosting!

  2. Looks like you had an awesome weekend! πŸ™‚ I would love to have so many places to go out to eat and hang with friends. Shippensburg has next to nothing! haha

  3. Mussles and squid? Yum, I would love that! My favorite dessert is always ice cream, or a really good chocolate covered macaroon!

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