Hey there! How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? I will have a full re-cap later, but prior to that, wanted to show you how I spent the day of Thanksgiving before all the eating started. My mom told us how much Spanky, our dog, loves the beach, so we decided to take him there as a Thanksgiving treat.

On our way!

Once there, a photo-opp ensued prior to playing and running around:

Myself and Gill in our Sunday Best πŸ˜›

Paw Prints

I also managed to get some shots of the beach:

I was shocked at how many people were on the beach for Thanksgiving day.. generally I feel like everyone is busy cooking and preparing for the big meal, but in Cape Cod, it seems like going out to eat for dinner is more of the mainstream thang to do. Hence, more time to spend on the beach! On our way home, my mom suggested we stop at a well-known pie shop on the Cape called Marion’s Pie Shop.

We decided to walk away with a key lime pie πŸ™‚

After a hefty slice (at least my gym membership will get enough use next week) and a few random bites, I decided that I really love the crust of this pie more than the actual pie itself. Funny enough, the flavor is just a little too ‘limey’ for me, but the crust is perfectly crunchy, sweet, and buttery. Perfect compliments to a tart pie.

I’m off to go for a walk and then spend the day outside, but I’ll definitely have a full re-cap later of our Thanksgiving dinner!

Question of the Day: How do you generally spend your day before eating Thanksgiving dinner? Any family traditions?

5 responses to “Pre-Thanksgiving

  1. Aw, the doggies look like they had a great time!

    I’ve been to Cape Cod for vacation once, & it was awesome!

  2. My Chihuahua has never been in the sand…I bet he would love it.

    Key lime pie is my addiction…I tried it for the first time last year.

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