Full Bar Review

Hey friends, how was your day? I have a foodie review for you tonight, thanks to the awesome peeps at Full Bar! A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Full Bar to see if I’d be interested in reviewing some of their Full Bar flavors. Sign me up!

Full Bar is primarily a bar that is supposed to be eaten 30 minutes before lunch or dinner with a 16 oz. glass of water. An ingredient, called Slendesta, is meant to make you feel more ‘full’, hence triggering weight-loss. FYI–Slendesta is a potato extract. I’m not someone who really likes to ‘diet’ based off of bars, shakes, and unknown ingredients, so I basically just ate the bars when I was in need of a snack.

All of the flavors sounded yummy, so I was more than happy to dig in.

Peanut Butter Crunch

The peanut butter bar was very good for a ‘snack’ bar. There was no weird after taste and it wasn’t too filling but kept me satisfied for an hour or two before lunch.

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Again, I enjoyed this flavor, too!

Cocoa Chip

Cocoa Chip was definitely my favorite of all three bars. It cured my sweet tooth while keeping me full. Score!

**Please note that even though Full Bar sent me the products above, all thoughts and opinions of the bars are my own**

Question of the Night: Have you ever tried Full Bar? Do you ever use diet bars as a snack between meals?


14 responses to “Full Bar Review

  1. Ive never tried the full bar but I have had other bars. I have gradually grown to really dislike any type of bar. A large majority of them are loaded with sugar..even if its ‘agave’..sugar is sugar. I personally think 10g or more in one serving is a lot! A bar with more sugar than protein is immediately axed in my book haha. It’s really interesting-if you look at the ingredients and nutritional value in each protein and meal bar at a gym, almost all of them are not good for you. This full bar concept is a little funny to me. It might make someone feel full, but at the end of the day, with or without the bar, it’s about self control. If someone doesn’t have that, then no bar will solve ones problems. My opinion! Love your product reviews steph! It’s great that you are really seeking out new recipes and products for your followers. LOVE YOU.

    • Hey Nat! I agree with you in the sense that I usually like to ensure there isn’t too much sugar in my granola/snack bars… I find that it is very difficult to find this type of bar though. xoxo miss u!

  2. These flavors sound good! I’ve never tried a Full Bar. I think my mom tried something similar, but didn’t notice any major changes to her appetite. I, like you, would probably just use these as a regular snack instead of a diet tool!

  3. I have never heard of Full bars before but the flavors sound pretty yummy πŸ™‚

  4. Thank you for the review! I have heard of these before but have never seen them in the store. They sound good and I of course like that they help satiate hunger!

  5. I agree, I wouldn’t use these as a diet method either, but it sounds good as a snack!

  6. I like these! My friend used to eat them and I’ve eaten them as snacks…the apple cinnamon one is good!

  7. I began eating Full Bars at the recommendation of a friend. I eat one when I awake w/ th 16 oz. of water and really am not hungry until about 1pm. I am not using it for weight loss because I have lost the 30 lbs. I wanted to. It is the only bar that doesn’t have an after taste except Herbalife vanilla almond bar. I wish it had more protein and less sugar too. I had just ran out of quick breakfast options and became tired of eggs. Great product!

  8. I have to wonder if the fullbar is making you full or if it is the 16oz. glass of water

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