Christmas Dogs

Hi All! Hope your weekend has been wonderful. I’ll have more pictures of my weekend for you tomorrow night. For now, I’m going to go get ready to decorate the house for Christmas with my family. I came back to my parents’ house today to watch the dogs and ended up going on an amazing two hour walk where I saw everyone setting up for Christmas! Got me into the spirit even more 🙂

Here’s some cute pics I found on Pinterest that are perfectly cute and festive!

Both of my favorite things.. dogs and Christmas! Have a great night!

Question of the Night: How do you prepare for the holiday’s? Do you decorate with family/friends?


12 responses to “Christmas Dogs

  1. Aw so cute! I want to get my pug Christmas pjs!

  2. These pictures make me want a puppy… just to dress him up for Halloween and Christmas.

  3. Very cute dogs…I have 2 puppies and I usually dressed them up during Halloween and Christmas seasons. I find it very challenging, interesting and full of fun.

  4. I love dogs, and I love Christmas. This is amazing. Perfect combination! 🙂

  5. Ah Pinterest,the most enjoyable black hole I have ever discovered 🙂 I never thought I’d dress my dogs up, but when we found a brand new santa outfit at a yard sale for $1 that was the perfect size for my dog Salsa…we just had no choice in the matter 🙂 And now I will parade her around. I’m sure she’ll love all the extra attention. It’s a win-win!

  6. I can’t get over how cute these dogs are! I have a yorkie that looks like that one and I’d love to put those on him, too! I just decorated my apt yesterday!

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