Birthday Action

Guys! I’ve totally been a slacker when it comes to photographing my eats. I’m really not sure why I haven’t been up to speed in this department but I’m going to try to make that more of a priority. So, my apologies!

Like I mentioned, I had a few pictures from the past weekend I wanted to show you. More specifically, my friend Alexis’ birthday! For some reason I didn’t get a picture of Lex and myself (fail), but I managed to get an old-school photo of us… from when we were about 18.


Things go by quickly. I can remember that exact moment. It was around Christmas and my friends and I were exchanging gifts. I really miss those days.

Our night was spent bar hopping, dancing, singing, and, yes, drankin’.

White blob on my shirt? Not sure.

Stephanie Sandwich

Sorry, I had to.

Happy birthday, Lex!

Question of the Night: Do you look to see bloggers’ eats? Would you like me to try to incorporate this more? Anything else you’d like to see more of?


5 responses to “Birthday Action

  1. Seeing what other bloggers eat makes me salivate and get jealous because I really can’t cook haha. But I still love seeing what fun things I would make if I could make ’em!

  2. What a fun night you had.
    I don’t care about what bloggers eat, it’s the recipes that I go for 🙂

  3. I’m not big on taking pictures…but I try to every once in a while. I say go with whatever floats your boat, as you’re the one who has to write the bog day after day 🙂

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