Christmas Thoughts

Morning, guys! Ready to tackle Thursday and make our way into Friday? I am! I am! I wanted to take a moment this morning to talk about something that I think many people struggle with during the holiday’s, which is indulging in good food and putting exercise aside for a moment. Over the past week, I’ve found myself doing exactly that. Granted, I went to the gym on both Monday and Tuesday but I wouldn’t say they were my most intense workouts.

Sure enough, by last night, after the drinks and appetizers I had with my co-workers for our holiday celebration, I was feeling really bad about myself knowing that getting to the gym for the rest of the week would be pretty tough. My week has been filled with holiday lunches, drinks, parties, and there’s more to come between today and Saturday. I couldn’t get this nagging feeling out of my head, ‘Steph you’re not going to workout for three days, should you really have that glass of wine?’.

Well, yeah, I should have the glass of wine. It’s a time of year where the mood is of celebrating a year gone by and spending time with friends/family. Does it mean I need to eat every little thing that crosses my path? Not at all. But should I feel bad about myself for not being able to workout for three days? That’s just something I need to fix.

I was really happy when I woke up this morning and literally said to myself, ‘Fuck it’. And not ‘F it’ in a ‘I’m going to eat/drink everything I see’ sort of way, more of a ‘it’s three days, and you’re going to be fine, and you deserve to enjoy yourself every now and then’, sort of way. It felt pretty liberating.

Some ways that I’m trying to balance everything this season? Eating as well as possible during the day if I have a dinner or drinks at night (a bowl of oats for breakfast, and salad with protein for lunch). Getting sleep. Vegging out for an hour before I go to bed–even if it’s watching a mindless TV show. Going to the gym whenever I have the time. And just trying to enjoy every little bit of the happiest time of year.

That’s all for now, folks! Have a good day and enjoy all that this time of year has to offer 🙂

Question of the Day: How do you deal with the pressures of the holiday’s? Anything you try to remind yourself?


10 responses to “Christmas Thoughts

  1. dude. I feel you. I’m coming to NY MLK weekend…. lets get together?!

  2. I am trying to stay good over the holidays but I have been failing. Gahhh I need an intervention haha

  3. Hey Steph! I’m so happy I came across your blog because I love it! It’s very refreshing (not everyday you come across someone dropping the f-bomb in a healthy living blog)!! Looking forward to following you girl!

  4. I hear ya. I go to the in-laws, which is fantabulous, but if I’m not careful I consume 30832408 calories a day and never step out of my PJs. I think you’re right–balance is key. It’s not about deprivation, just finding that balance where we still feel healthy and happy.

    • It’s definitely much more difficult around the holiday’s to monitor how many sweets you’re having, but with a little working out and a few salads, it eventually balances out!

  5. I think during the holidays, which are stressful already, that its definitely important just to fit it in when you can. Exercise doesn’t need to be just another cause of stress!

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