Christmas Success

Hello, everyone! I was absent from the blog-world for a few days in order to just concentrate on soaking up the sun at home. I was enjoying baking up a storm, relaxing, going out with friends, and everything Christmas-related. Rather than blabbing away, let me show you how my Christmas went down in pictures — since it’s more fun that way!

Cake Batter Bark a la How Sweet It Is.

Peppermint Bark

Loads of Sugar Cookie making and decorating 🙂

I made pecan pie bars and thumbprint cookies, too! (I didn’t lie–baking was a top priority for me).

Gill and I Being Silly before Christmas Eve

Take 2

Parental Unit

Christmas Goodies

Best Appetizer EVER

Are There Any Scraps For Me??


All in all, Christmas was wonderful. I love spending time with people I usually don’t get to, and eating food that I generally steer clear of. In light of both my grandparents’ passing away this year, my heart was a little bit empty, but I just try to think that they’re still celebrating; they’re just somewhere else. I also have some really sad news… during the few days I was home, our little Mopsey passed away.

We found out that Mopsey had a brain tumor, amongst other illness’. It was his time. As many of you know, I brought Mopsey back from an animal shelter in November 2010 and we’ve loved him ever since. He was abused by his previous owners and had a ton of ailments but we loved him all the same. I sit here, typing this, trying not to blubber like a fool, but it’s really tough to love something so much and not be able to help it. We missed his little sweet face at Christmas, but we know that Mopsey is now in complete peace ❤

Sorry for the sad turn that this post had to take, but I couldn’t not recognize Mopsey during all of this. It’s so important to love and cherish everything in your life!

Have a good night, everyone. I hope the holiday’s have been more than generous to you.

Question of the Night: How was your Christmas? Did you get one gift in particular you love? Did you eat anything especially delicious?


13 responses to “Christmas Success

  1. Aw Steph, I’m so sorry to hear about Mopsey. My parents actually just had to put our family boxer, Tobey, to sleep about 2 weeks ago & it was very sad for all of us. Even though my sister & I have our own pooches now, we lived with Tobey for the majority of his life & were with him since he was a puppy. It was very sad not having him around, so I definitely understand how you feel. Just like you said about Mpsey though, it was his time & at least he isn’t in pain anymore. ❤

  2. Your christmas cookies look amazing. I am sorry about your puppy…we put our family dog down in September because he had cancer…I know how hard it is! But you loved him while he was here on earth and that is what matters, now he’s in heaven 🙂

  3. Sorry for your loss. Poor little guy.
    As for the rest of your holiday, hope it was all you wanted. The sweet treats look wonderful.

  4. Steph, Mopsey had the BEST days of his life with you. Remember that. He had a wonderful family that loved him dearly and I know he won’t forget that as you won’t forget it either. Christmas eve was very fun with you and the family. We all shared so many laughs and enjoyed everything set before us! ::hugs::

  5. does that appetizer have figs? looks like you had a gorgeous time 🙂

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