Back on Track

Hey, all! Thank you for all of your support with Mopsey.. I appreciate all of your kind words. It’s never easy to lose a pet, but it helps knowing that there is no more pain.


Today was pretty much my second day in a row of getting back on track after Christmas food madness ensued for what seemed like two weeks. It feels sooo good to be back to my normal eating routines. Breakfast was a cup of 0% greek yogurt with sliced kiwi, a tbsp of oats, a tbsp of low sugar maple syrup, and a bit of almond butter:

Delicious and Filling

Lunch was a gawgeous salad:

In the mix: Trader Joes Savory Tofu, snap peas, a cube of Laughing Cow cheese, a dollop of eggplant campanada and a dollop of hummus.

I also had a fantastic gym session after work:

I definitely hope to keep this up throughout 2012. And also create more recipes – I’ve been slacking in that department :-\

Now that 2011 is coming to a close, I’ve seen a few bloggers write posts’ that consist of the changes and events that took place in their lives throughout this past year. I’ve decided to do the same! Here it goes:

1. This time last year, I was living in my parents’ house–now I live in an apartment in New York City.

2. I started this blog, StephSnacks!

3. I went to Milan for work and met wonderful people.

4. One of my best friends got married, and I was a bridesmaid in the wedding party.

5. I did the makeup for a wedding.

6. I conquered my first ever half-marathon at a little over two hours (2:06) with my friend Eva!

There you have it!

Question of the Night: What were some changes that happened in your life during 2011? Did you accomplish something you hoped to?


6 responses to “Back on Track

  1. I got married; that was definitely a big change! 🙂

  2. Oh man…we could definitely be running twins! I ran my first half, too, in 2:09! Almost the same! haha

  3. You had an awesome year! Milan, apartment in NY, etc… great, great!

    I had a good year trying out mountain biking, meeting great people…. this year was definitely a move in the right direction.

    To a best 2012 year! *cheers*

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