WIAW – Boring Style

Hey, there! How’s your Wednesday going? I am so happy there are only two days left in the work week.. I’m getting myself geared up for New Years! What are your plans? I’m going to a beer garden with some of my closest friends.. very excited. Especially excited to wear my new dress which I will reveal after New Years! Generally, I find that New Years Eve is overrated but I’m trying to think positively. Anyway, enough babbling on, I want to show you some of my eats from today. I can’t lie, they’re pretty boring 😦

As always, a majaaa’ thanks to Jenn for throwing this shin-dig. Greatly appreciated! Loking forward to many more WIAW’s in 2012 πŸ™‚

Breakfast, of course, went un-pictured because I forgot. However, it was a strawberry protein shake (120 cal) with unsweetened almond milk and a bit of granola sprinkled in there. I love when the granola gets a bit soggy and it tastes like cereal. A shake AND cereal in one — right up my alley.

I did manage to get a shot of my coffee! Which is of course, super important, since I’m a die-hard Starbucks fan.


Snack throughout the day has been almonds – simple but filling:

Lunch was pretty good, especially since it came with a MorningStar Farms Tomato & Basil Pizza Burger. The stats are pretty amazing, too.
β€’ 120 calories
β€’ 3g fiber
β€’ 10g protein
I put the burger on top of my salad which was also filled with snap peas, hummus, and some eggplant campanada. Very yummy!

That’s about all for now, folks. Dinner will probably, honestly, be boring — egg whites perhaps? And since I’m craving fro yo, I will likely have that for dessert πŸ˜‰

Have a great night!

Question of the Night: What are your plans for New Years?


14 responses to “WIAW – Boring Style

  1. I had eggs for dinner, too!

    Every New Year’s Eve my husband & I go to his parents’ house & ring in the New Year with his family (we spend New Year’s day with my family). We aren’t big “partiers” & always prefer this low-key ritual to going out anywhere! Can’t wait to see the outfit!

  2. I love veggie burgers, and I love Morning Star products, but I haven’t tried this flavor. It sounds delicious!

  3. Loving the festive cups at Starbucks! πŸ˜€
    We have quests coming over on new years..other than that I dont reall have anything planned..

  4. I have not been able to find the MSF tomato basil pizza burger lately. They’re one of my favorites. Wonder if I can order directly from them?!

  5. I remember my first time trying pizza burgers….MMM! they are so tasty! I love putting them in big salads with hard boiled eggs and hummus and mustard…my mouth is watering now!

  6. Can’t wait to see the dress reveal! I wanted to go shop for something new for NYE, but that didn’t happen. So….what is your favorite Starbucks drink? I am quite the fan too.

    • Thanks! I love my dress — not too over the top but has enough sparkle πŸ˜‰ Hmmm…. my favorite Starbucks drink has to be a chai tea latte which I hardly ever get! I generally order a coffee with a pump of some sort of flavor.

  7. caloricandcrazy

    I love what you did with the burger πŸ˜€

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