I’m Dreaming Of A…

…Get away.

..What are you dreaming of?


19 responses to “I’m Dreaming Of A…

  1. OMG that would be perfect 🙂 let’s go! hahaa

  2. Me and you both! Meet ya there 🙂

  3. I am dreaming of a race, it has been too long!

  4. ME TOO! I am ready to hear the waves and feel the sand between my toes!

  5. I’m dreaming of the same thing! I want to go to the beach!! 🙂

  6. I’m dreaming of a.shopping trip!!!!

  7. Psshhh you and me both woman! If you go, I am coming with ya haha

  8. I’m dreaming of no school, specifically NO CHEMISTRY OR ALG. 2! I have also dreamed of punching whoever came up with those two in the face. Seriously though, I am dreaming of getting a boyfriend. Hello, Justin Bieber! Also dreaming of a new episode of New Girl. I clearly have WAY too much time on my hands 🙂

  9. hmmm…I think I’m dreaming of that now too! bikini and sun tans…sounds nice! Oh, and a cocktail of course.

  10. Ummmm…a warm place sounds pretty darn good to me!!

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