A New Beginning

Happy 2012, everyone! I had a fabulous night with my friends, but only have a few pictures to show for it. We decided to go to the beer garden in Hoboken, NJ, and it was definitely a good place to be. The open bar was from 9:00PM – 1:00AM and it offered many different beer’s, wine, and mixed drinks. We were also really happy with the food the beer garden offered–sausage, hot dogs, big pretzels with mustard and some sort of cheesy dip, along with big french fries. I had a few bites of the sausage and some of the pretzel with cheese dip… sooo yummy.

It was such a fun way to ring in the new year. As for goals for 2012, I definitely have a few. I try to make them as attainable as possible.

-Lose a little bit of weight (in my ‘trouble’ spots which I think most of us have..)
-Continue to strength train more in order to continue to tone up.
-Go to the gym no less than 5 days a week
-Take a class in nutrition (currently looking into my options..)
-Build up StephSnacks readership
-Find an organization to volunteer with
-Go on more weekend trips (I guess this is a goal because I tend to dream of weekend trips rather than actually going..)

The above isn’t too challenging but has enough challenge for me! I’m excited and looking forward to it all.

After a late night of drinking on NYE and the ‘day after’ eats of a pretty greasy breakfast (trust me, even an egg white omelette can come in grease and butter..) I was ready to start today (Jan 2nd) off on the right foot. For me, this included an hour at the gym – 45 minutes of cardio and ab work.

It also includes lots of water…

And a great post-workout meal…

In the mix:
-1 cup of 0% fat Fage Plain Greek Yogurt
-1 chopped plum
-1 tbsp of granola
-2 tbsp sugar free syrup
-1 tbsp almond butter

This kept me full for quite a while!

I was also able to make some yummy dijon mustard chicken in the crock pot for the upcoming week..

Feels good to be on the ‘right’ track, as much as possible, while giving into a craving or two here and there 😉 Again, for me, it’s about being realistic — not drastic.

Question of the Night: How was your New Years Eve? Did you do anything fun? Any goals for 2012?


6 responses to “A New Beginning

  1. Looks like you had a blast! I am still trying to jump back on track, and I know once I do I will feel oh.so.good. Happy New Year!

  2. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    We almost had a matching breakfast! (Except I used an apple instead of a plum 😉 )

    I’m loving your goals, and I think that’s great that you’ve summarized them all and written them all down. I especially LOVE that you have the volunteering one on there– very humbling of you!

    A happy & healthy new year to you, Steph!

  3. Some good goals for the New Year. i like the one about going away more – we all need to do that 🙂
    We had a terrific New Years Eve. We were in South Carolina, the weather was perfect and we had a blast!

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