Hi, all! Well it’s finally Thursday night and I am super excited for Friday at 5:30PM — a few friends and I are going to dinner at one of my favorite spots, Josie’s. I haven’t been there in a while! And then, of course, we’ll have a girls night out. I received a few questions via email and Twitter so as promised, I have some answers 🙂

Q: Do you weigh yourself?
By choice, I do not weigh myself. I have not weighed myself in about two years. Weighing myself sends me into a frantic tizzy and it’s just not worth it for me. Gone are the days of the scale — I’m not so sure, even as someone who is recovered from an ED, that I could handle it. I’m okay with that.

Q: It seems like you have so much fun living in the city–but do you ever get run down?
You betcha’! Between work, the gym, going out, the blog, running errands, and all sorts of other things, I get run down like anyone else! However, the city seems to have this “go, go, go” pace that makes it that much more intense. But I wouldn’t trade all of the dinners out and singing at bars for anything – it’s so much fun. I like to have a couple ‘chill’ nights though… I need to recharge my batteries!

Q: I’m new to running, and I’ve recently been logging some time on the treadmill. How do you make the time pass?
Honestly, the treadmill can be a maja’ snooze-fest. I keep it fun by either reading a magazine (people are always shocked every time I tell them this) or watching a tv show. I can’t just listen to my iPod or I’ll stare at the clock on the treadmill the entire time..

Q: Is there a guy in your life??
There’s not one special guy in my life right now. I’ve been dating here and there, but nothing of any permanence. It would definitely be nice, though!

Q: What’s your drink of choice?
I’m a fan of wine – especially a yummy Riesling or a delicious Rose. I’ve been sticking to red though, since there isn’t as much sugar. I also love a good mojito–which I hardly ever have.

Q: Do you have an ideal workout?
Hmmm.. I’d say 40 minutes of cardio and then a bunch of crunches. Effective and quick!

Thanks for the questions, I hope I answered them well enough 🙂

I’m off to relax — goodnight!


2 responses to “Q&A

  1. I too love a good glass of Riesling! 🙂

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